I wish to share a story and event which occurred to me withing this past week. First however I want to remind you that you are already aware that I am a victim of a Filipinos Migration Scam(Marriage Fraud) in the USA, her family also taking my Christian Ministry and personal property here in the Philippines as well as other so called Filipino "Pastors" who have stolen money from me. I wish to also share with you that indeed, it was God Himself who sent me here to the Philippines and broke my heart for Filipinos in 1998. So all the current pain that I have suffered from the people I love so dearly as my own family have hurt me so. I continue to press on though in hopes that some may know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in their hearts. As the Apostle Paul said in the Bible, "I run the race."(Hebrews 12:1-2).

This being said Sir, I encountered another big rip in my heart while last week outside my apartment cleaning up my fellow tenants trash. While there, I had closed but not locked my gate. Apparently some teenagers and their mother(who was their look-out) had gone into my apartment and stole my wallet, Blackberry, camera, and MP3 player. Now, you know that I am not rich and live on a very, very limited budget while living and doing the Lord's work here in the Philippines and what little I own, is precious to me and the Lord's ministry here. Inside my wallet were important documents identifying my U.S Citizenship. These documents plus the 1000 Pesos inside will be very hard and difficult to replace.

When my wife and I went to the Tanod Police regarding the stolen items, they were very limited in their knowledge in what to do. I gave them leads, told them where to look and who people were, but never followed up. I later in the week went to the PNP and the investigators were very kind but told me that the Tanod Police should have contacted them(the PNP) right away so fingerprints could be lifted from the door on my apartment. This was "probably not done because they(Tanod police) did not know." What the PNP also shared with me is that there are many "drug addicts" in my area and "the DSWD has no program to keep the children and there is no money to help the children."

 I am very frustrated because here I am(not wanting to be or act or sound arrogant) but I have offered on occasion my expertise as a Forensic Specialist and Drug Court Trainer/Expert to the Philippine Government. Not only would Drug Courts help slow down crime and save the Philippine Government many, many Pesos, but the "Spiritual Component" would be available and used to help those who are current drug users/criminals and stop living such destructive lifestyles. Sir, also I believe you remember as I have said shared with you and many other here in the Philippines, I want to be a Biblical blessing to the people of the Philippines but, as of now, my help many times is rejected even if offered free from time to time. My help is of a "spiritual" matter coupled many times with humanitarian or practical help, but still is rejected.This rejection is very painful to me because it would seem many Filipinos are wanting or wishing to be "stuck" in attitude of a slave mentality to sin and selfishness rather than being set free and living a life of true joy and having a wonderful relationship with God who "will supply all their needs" and without committing acts hurtful to themselves. It seems that Filipinos who had in the past put such high regards and importance in God and family have forgotten these tow most important attributes. People here in the Philippines now look and act more like their American counterparts who are selfish, arrogant, and lacking God in their personal lives.

I look to Christ and will continue to press on despite my pain. I serve ultimately Christ, not men but still, have a heart ache the size of Manila itself and pray that even though we are in the last days before Christ, some at least some, would reject sin and a sinful lifestyle and come to Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives.

Salamat sa Diyos sa ngalan ni Jesus, God Bless

Pastor Paul Waldmiller

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