Hey America, What's That Smell ?????

The American elections of 2010 are over. Many questions still remain including what ever happened with the early elections in 11(eleven) states where there was wide spread voter fraud ? Were they simply "swept under the rug"? As well, I am asking just who really are these candidates are who won ? Seems the Republican Party did fairly well in the US Congress but did not manage to do the damage they hoped they would achieve by also taking over the US Senate. All in all, it seemed to be a sizable gain however for the Republicans. Not being a Republican myself, I am not at all impressed with the win. I do recognize however that Republicans can and sometimes are, more conservative in their voting record that those of the Democratic Party. What conservative person would not be elated at the notion of Democrats being removed from office ? Another question though is; What are the real beliefs(not rhetoric) of these so called Republicans who were newly elected? This last, I believe is the most important question of all that I have listed. 

Lot's of words spouted before the election by politicians but those of us who are keenly aware of how American politicians operate, we know that politicians will say just about anything to get elected. Couple that issue with the reality that Washington DC changes people and not the other way around(as what politicians would have you to believe), causes me great concern at present moment.

Relating more to concerns are that (American)States that some say "haven't gotten it yet" meaning the people re-elected or elected politicians who are obviously a threat to America as a nation and the freedom's American's enjoy. Re-elected were Barney Frank in Massachusetts, Boxer to Congress from California, Jerry Brown was (re)elected to Governor there. Nevada re-elected Harry Reid and New York State Re-elected Schummer and Gillibrand to the US Senate and then also elected Cuomo as Governor. I could list more  evil minded politicians that were elected or re-elected but the bottom line is, there are people who "just don't get it." Evil is evil and evil is still in power and control.

Even if the majority of the American Public have now elected persons for public office who are an improvement over those who were tossed out of office, there still lingers evil. I can still smell the foul stench from Congress, Legislators and Court Rooms that will be more than just a thorn in the side to the American People in the foreseeable future. For sure, there are many more politicians, judges and others who were just elected or re-elected that will add to the stink of those politicians I mentioned earlier. What's wrong with a little evil(poop I call it)when most what we want, we are OK with, you ask ? This questions reminds me of a story of a preacher whose children wanted to participate in "just a little" sin and the preacher-father made brownies with just a little poop. Of course his children would not eat any brownies no matter how small amount the of poo that was mixed in the batter. So, moral of the story as they say is; "We The People" should not accept evil (poop)no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to us.

The smell that permeates the air in America currently is that of compromise(more smelly evil). Rep Boehner from Ohio who is rumored to be the next Speaker of the House Of Representatives set (perhaps as a slip of the tongue) a tone of the upcoming Congress when he offered "compromise" with Democrats on many issues. Mr. Boehner has a history of "reaching across the isle" to Democrats in compromise deals. This is not at all what America needs. In fact, compromise with evil is just how we as America got in this position we are currently in now as a nation. America needs a whole sale change in it's heart. Compromise with the devil never works, it only leads to more disasters. I think of so many Bible stories where God warns His people to avoid compromise and avoid the poop as well. The one story I am thinking on of the most, can be found in Joshua Chapter 7. Achin took somethings that God said not to. All of Israel suffered for just one man's evilness. You see just a little poop makes what is good into something unusable.

There is something to be said about righteousness, honor and integrity. Those are usable Godly qualities and America has not seen qualities like that in a leader of our nation in a very, very long time. America is indeed in trouble. Elections(prediction time) have not produced nor will produce much more than compromise with the devil for the foreseeable future. Don't believe me? Then why do the Congressional Republicans wish to eliminate the Obama Health Care Plan one line item at a time rather than eliminating the whole plan at once? What is in the Obama Health care Plan that is worthy of keeping? Perhaps the law that all American's must have an RFID Chip implanted in them? Is that it? If it is, then there is more poop than batter that was elected to office.