Tenacity Of Courage On Christmas.......

Well folks, it's that time all the Liberal, Communists, Atheist haters of Jesus come out of the wood work. That's right-It's Christmas time in the USA ! This year is worse than the year before as there are more haters of Jesus and the USA than ever. Where is the majority of the American Christian "Church" when Scrooge roles his ugly head around and tell us that Christmas and Jesus ought to be banned ? Well, where else, remaining within the church walls complaining and back biting one-another where they have been for years. What a shame that Christians by and large beat each other up then shoot one another like this. It does make satan's job a whole lot easier though to discredit Jesus all year long including Christmas Season when we kill each other off like that. 

I really want to express in this article another reason why America needs Jesus and specifically how in the past, one very brave soul that decided that despite what others were saying about him and a war in which he was told was "un winable", he would press forward, rely on Jesus' strength all to prove his "nay sayers" wrong. The man I am speaking of  here is General George Washington who had in December 1776, along with a "rag-tag" of fighting men who were tired, hungry, cold and exhausted stepped out by faith to defeat the enemy of America. General Washington at the time was involved in the American Revolutionary War. It was said by many in the "colonies" at that time, the war "unwinable."  George Washington knew it was hard enough to defeat the enemy but he knew right were to get his source of strength to carry on despite all those who sat "on the sidelines" and did noting to help. That source of strength ? That was none other than Jesus Himself. 

So On December 25th, 1776, General George Washington travelled at night during a snow blizzard with his "rag-tag" army of soldiers to capture the Hessian(mercenary) Soldiers of the British Crown. With bravery, George Washington devised a plan where he and approximately 2,400 of his soldiers would capture the Hessian Soldiers. Upon landfall early the morning of December 26, 1776, General George Washington and his soldiers attacked the Hessian Camp and met little resistance. By God's grace, the plan worked. 

There is a dangerous plan today to eliminate (Biblical) God from our nation. I am not going to personally force anyone to believe in (Biblical) God, that is not my job. But my "job" is as an American Christian to remind all American's that America was founded on Christianity., not religion, paganism or anything but Christianity. Brave souls who sacrificed their lives over the 200 plus years of the history of America have died for this great nation. Many of those who died, including those who stepped out on boats on December 25th(Christmas Day) to cross an ice Delaware River in 1776, were Christians and who loved (Biblical) God. 

Look in America's rich history of sacrifice, and you will see many (Biblical) Christians who were among the first to stand for liberty. They were among the first to say "It is my life to give so others may live free." The banner these fine young men and women wore across their lives were that of Jesus Christ who was the one who gave the example of freely giving in sacrifice.

America needs Jesus and brave souls right now. Jesus was born to die so that we may live(forever). Other American's understand this and it is high time others do as well. As was on that Christmas night on December 25th, 1776, it is time to take prisoner the enemies of our nation, our land and our fellow citizens. Now is not the time to relax or let others take our part. Every (Biblical) Christian and good American needs to remain vigilant, strong, committed and also to move forward in letting the enemy of (Biblical) God and our nation we will no longer stand for taking away our right to declare Jesus our Lord, Saviour and King of our nation !

"We Recognize No Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!"~ John Adams and John Hancock [April 18, 1775]