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My Announcement that I am seeking the NY 26th District Congressional Seat...

My Announcement that I am seeking the NY 26th District Congressional Seat...

I am making here a major announcement that I am indeed seeking the NY 26th District United States Congressional Seat. A few days ago, my US Congressional Representative, Chris Lee was caught sending a topless photo of himself to a woman on Craig's List. Mr. Lee has resigned. For those of you unfamiliar with my case involving me being a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam in the USA as well as death threats against me from the Batavia, NY Police and illegal actions of judges and attorneys in and around the Genesee County area, Mr. Lee while my Congressman refused to help in my aide of these illegal actions against me. Not only he but Senator's Schummer and Gillibrand also refused to help me as well(no surprise-Democrats !).

With Lee out of the way, I believe the Lord is calling me to run for nomination and election of his vacant Congressional Seat. I believe I would do a much better job than Lee or any others that may be interested in taking the vacated congressional seat. Here are reasons why... I am concerned for loss of jobs, of course the economy as a whole, Federal tax payer funds being wasted on issues like “Welfare Fraud” and Social Programs that benefit very few or none. Our Federal Government is involved in to much of our family's business. I say less Federal bureaucracy and let “We The People” have their way. I believe many current Federal legislators have an elitist attitude and don't listen to “We The People.” Instead, Many legislators (as well as judges and those in the Executive Branch of Government) are looking out for their own personal best interest and bringing our American Government to a Communist and other types of dictatorship. I believe the Founding Father's of the United States Of America had a much different view of what our government should look like rather than what we seeing today.

I am a New York State Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. I have been employed in many types of businesses since I have been 15 and ½ years old. I have a breadth of employment and life experiences.... Agriculture work to auto/truck Mechanic to correction officer to limousine driver to radio host to many more jobs including presently as a missionary helping starving and homeless children. I believe I am motivated, eager and as well believe have the people's heart's in mind as I grew up and lived within the NY 26th U.S Congressional District most of my life. I remember the long unemployment lines in the late 1970's and early 1980's. I see urban blight throughout Western New York and that many bright, well qualified worker's and families including friends (including my own family members) have left the NY 26th Congressional District because of lack of jobs(real jobs, not minimum wage), high unemployment, high taxes(both Federal and NY State). The Federal Government leaders even up to today, have driven many individuals and businesses outside of my Congressional District. I want to see people and jobs return to my district. I am dedicating myself to represent a people long lost and forgotten by our Federal Representatives. My current election motto is “God, country and Family.” The NY 26thCongressional District needs real representation and I believe I am best qualified for the job. Please endorse and vote for me in the upcoming elections. Thank you and God Bless.

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