Friday, January 28, 2011

One Tool For Immediate Need In America-Grand Jury Investigations....

I believe a new model for America should be for all us Biblical Christians and good people everywhere to  cut through the current wickedness of our nation rather than attemoting to manuver around evil, which appears to be the current poor and ineffective model with dealing with demonic government activity. For to long now, American's that are willing to fight for their God given liberties and US Constitutional rights have been fighting a unwinable war against injustice and illegal activities by Godless and corrupt government leaders. For far to long now we also see those who have been wronged by government agents in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches continue to make little to no headway in getting fair and righteous justice. It is time for All American's everywhere to start plowing through the evilness and stop asking for justice from unrepentant evil people. There is no hope in changing the minds of wicked men and women until there is a change of their heart's. Simple protests, petitions, letter writing campaigns, hunger strikes, marches, and rallies are largely ignored by power corrupt people. Evil government leaders are actually laughing at these previously described actions. No fear is placed in wicked hearts with such actions alone. The “People” must begin an immediate course of action that brings back God, righteous/fair laws and goodness to America. Immediate withdrawal and (forceful if necessary) exit of evil must take place within ourselves, our land, our people, our nation, and our world.

America being a nation with some already firm, foundationally good laws already available to all, is sound justification to apply laws fairly and to also utilize to remove unrepentant and corrupt evil persons from power. One good and fair system is the “Grand Jury.” I am not an attorney, nor am I licensed to practice law and nor do I give legal advice. I do however see the “tools” available for good people everywhere in America(and around the world) regarding how to remove evil. One of many such “good tools” available is the Grand Jury. It is designed as a legal investigative tool in a process to bring evil to the forefront so that it can be exposed by Biblical truth . “The purpose of the Grand Jury is to determine whether a charge is founded upon reason, or rather, dictated by an intimidating power or by malice and personal ill will.  See Wood v. Georgia, 370 U.S. 375 (1962).] The Grand Jury is intended to act as an independent body, apart from the courts and prosecution, to scrutinize the evidence against a defendant.  In states that have Grand Juries, each state has its own rules regarding a state-empaneled Grand Jury. “ From

There is no Judge necessary in a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury can hand down an indictment. This means a person can be found to have enough evidence against them to lay a criminal charge against them. Thus, a person can be arrested for a crime.  Note that In the United States, the US Constitution does not state that a Grand Jury must be conducted only by a “government prosecutor.” In fact, anyone in the US can legally assemble a Grand Jury.

Recently Dr. James Manning  ( ) held a Jury Trial against US President Obama. Apparently President Obama was found “guilty” of some crimes but there was no formal arrest... why ? Apparently there was no “teeth” in the “guilty verdict.” We must be honest and truthful about government corruption and realize there is no police officer in America that will ever be allowed to arrest a sitting US President. A question one may appropriately ask is arresting a US President or a US Government agent unconstitutional ? The answer is planley, no. The real and truthful issue why corrupt government individuals are rarely arrested is that because evil has surrounded itself with a security shield of police officers and other armed government agents that will prevent evil from being arrested for crimes; It's that simple. As the Nazi soldiers in WW II were justified by the German Government of that time to kill Jews and others, so the United States also allows the death and criminal actions of government agents against “We The People.” So, bottom line, why does the US Government agents willingly do and get away with unlawful and illegal activities? Simply; because it can. There is little no no real action by American's to stop and end evil in America. There is also little action to repent of our own evil and do what is right before our Biblical God and return to the values of the US Constitution. Very few to none are preparing to stop unrepentant evil in America. It is more than just sad... This lazy attitude of many "American's is killing us all.

As a purposeful and recurring theme, it would seem that God is calling upon all American's to put away their large screen televisions, their video games, all sorts of pleasures of evil and self indulgence and begin to do more than take time to reflect upon our government and complain of their evil before others. No, it's time everyone to make large personal sacrifices and give of their time, talents, resources and lives to bring America home.

We need to use tools such as Grand Jury's to investigate evil government agents. If found guilty, communities must form their own police forces(no, not more government police), build and operate their own jails to incarcerate these government criminals. It's time to “take a bite out of crime.” Organize now. Begin Grand Juries and convict Government criminals everywhere. It is your God given right and duty to do so.

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