America's Choice Between Continued Apathy or Sacrifice.....

As the United States readies itself for the celebration of another Veteran's Day Holiday. Perhaps all American's everywhere will be looking at something that many American's have not had to consider in their own lives.... The ultimate sacrifice. What is the ultimate sacrifice ? That is none other than giving one's life for a cause even unto death. That is a mighty high price but many who have served in the US Military over the years have willingly paid that price. In fact, If you are a current/past member of the U.S. Military the people of America owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you and Happy Veteran's day.

The American people though, are getting ready to experience something that is normally associated with U.S. Military experiences. This "something" is beyond simple feelings of, concern, anger, frustration and even fear. This "something" is called "ultimate sacrifice." America has brought upon herself something that no person would even wish for... a choice between Death or Life. That's right... Death or Life. 

For years now many American's including those in the "Church" have done what they wanted without reference or adherence to Biblical Trust." We know that there are negative consequences for such anti-Godly actions. Galatians 6:7 states that God is not mocked, a man reaps what he sows. For sure we see the reaping from years of purposeful apathetic behavior and evil in America. Shall I mention all the un-Godly acts that America has allowed ? It would perhaps take a entire book to list them all but just naming a few are ; Abortion, Divorce, Murder of innocent people, Legalization of drugs, Homosexuality, Government child kidnapping and or murder and one that many American's tend to forget.. Looking to God for direction rather than man.

I recall a conversation I had with a "government appointed" American lawyer I was assigned during my initial legal issues with the Filipina Migration Scammer a few years back. With my father present in the attorney's office's with me, this American Lawyer told me; "Mr. Waldmiller, if you would rather follow the Bible and your Christian beliefs rather than man's law, I would highly suggest you move out of the country."

Because of un-Goldy attitudes as what I described here on this article earlier, It has now come to America that even after the new elections, times in America are about to become worse, much worse. More and more recent news items carry a message that American's need to "stock up on food and supplies for 6 months." There is also news sharing that the "Retirement age in America will need to be raised to 69 years-old. Here's a news item that may catch your interest; How about Microchips being placed in your medication ?   Don't believe Big Government won't want to continue running your life because of un-Goldly attitudes of American Citizen's??? Couple these related stories that have been going on with others, this is way beyond "It's Obama's fault." No my friends, Obama is only one of many who have become the "elite" who want to destroy America and "We the People" have allowed it through God;s process of "reaping and Sowing". That's right, we have allowed it and many just don't get it(yet?).

To fix this issue(If it is fixable at this point), we need to find that our America needs to do something that is typically "un-American." Yep, I said un-American, we have to swallow our pride, acknowledge we messed up(Big Time) and acknowledge our "elected"(newly or otherwise) are not going to fix our problems. We have to repent for what we've done and make right with God(Biblical God)  and to be able to correct our attitudes, our hearts, as a people, as a nation. Next, we have to remove all evil. This means starting with ourselves individually. We cannot ask others to clean up their lives without making ourselves right before God first(Mathew 7:5... Are we a hypocrite ?). 

Sacrifice is the order for the day. Looking to "clean up our act" by removing evil from every area needs to be established immediately if not sooner. If there is evil, it must be removed. We cannot toy with, experiment with, fool-around with or even have the luxury of compromising with evil. It must be removed at all and every cost. To simply try to pray or wish it away will not work(James 2:17-20). God Gives mercy but he also requires a sincere and faithful heart. Evil, is not going to leave quietly. Evil will undoubtedly fight, claw and bite back. Some will get hurt, some may even(sacrificially) die.  However, we must move past our earthly and religious understanding of life. We are reaping the consequences of "self." These negative consequences are leading us all over a cliff. I for one am not willing to jump off that cliff but someone else(foolish or evil) may try to pull or push me over. If I must die, It will be through the way of sacrifice(Luke 9:23) and not a jump into the pool of wasted selfish desires.