Integrity Lost In America, Subtitled... Thou Shall Not Lie !

As many have been communicating with me as of late of the growing issues of American and State's Government abuses and corruption. I have been sincerely praying about what people are sharing as those examples of governmental corruption and as well as the solutions they are also proposing. I have been told and been given many examples of both evil acts of Government agencies and or their employees and the self prescribed solutions people feel would be most fitting to correct our failed national and local governments. I must say to date, I am extremely concerned for the lack of Biblical World Viewpoints and insights being shared with me. I am so concerned of lack of integrity as what is described in the (Christian) Bible on the part of not only our American Government, but also many of “We The People” I decided to write this week's blog article about my concerns.

Let me share that I fully understand the anger and hostility that many American's feel towards our government leaders. I will tell you first and foremost that this “issue” is not an “Obama” issue only. America has been suffering a good long period of time of Government made atrocities against it's own people since around the year 1900. People in the past, some of them historians have tried to show American's truth regarding what our national leaders have done in the past but to a large degree many of those attempts were unsuccessful. That is why I am very grateful to people like former Professional Wrestler, later elected, Governor Jesse Ventura for bringing truth to where many media outlets would not go.... That is “Conspiracy Theories.” His Television Program is allowing us to see truth and fact being brought to the American public that, “We The People” have been duped for years. We have been told to “trust” our elected officials that we live in a “Republic” that represents everyone with very few faults. Now, skeletons rattling in many closets, anger has risen to a place so terrific in America, there is apt to be something done about the years of lies that our Elected career politicians, Judges, and others employed in government have sold us that turned out to be nothing but lies and purposeful evil propaganda.

My concern at this point is not only the lies that have been exposed, but the solutions being proposed to make all this “corrected.” I hear a lot of rhetoric stating one thing or another but I must say the majority of solutions being proposed will also fail miserably because those supposed solutions are based on more of “man's”(people's) idea of truth and justice. Wasn't it Sir John Dalberg Acton who said
“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” ?? We certainly cannot trust any man made political system that relies on people's ideas alone, for we know that in the end, every person without Christ is corruptible. There have been some that have suggested that religion should play a limited part of America but what we know of “religion”-again is corruptible because “religion” is man's idea of who a god is and we know that “man” always gets his “sticky fingers” into manipulating religious rules and doctrines. So what is left that can really bring America to a solution without the misery and continued problems of mass corruption that we see today throughout America's land in both the Government and in homes of many Americans ? That can only be that of a (Christian)Biblical solution and of Godly Precepts.

When was the last time you seen a career politician in America, or a father in his home for that matter open their Christian Bible and read it to their family “ Or that a politician to her fellow legislators or magistrates ? Contained within the Bible are precepts that worked well enough for our American Forefather James Madison(among many other American Forefathers) to quote and apply America's
Governmental beginnings from the Bible. The particular quote I share here in this article has a significance, because it is a quote of wisdom and of what America needs to return to today; “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity…to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” [1778 to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia]

Our Government leaders in America, have lost their integrity, they have lost their way ! To many politicians are quick to compromise with evil and avoid Biblical precepts. We see even in our courtrooms that those who seek justice from wicked oppressors are being attacked as the villans. We see how American attorneys, Child Protection Workers, Socials Workers, Domestic Violence Workers and ex-spouses are allowed to commit perjury, lie (penal law) without any legal repercussion. In fact, many judges are encouraging and entertaining liars to support the most vilest of crimes against parents in America. There is such an incredible act of evil at every level of American and State's Government including our court rooms, that God is about to bring a large hand of judgment across America and there will be no return for our nation. For no nation in such a clear disregard for justice can sustain itself very long... God will bring down judgment for sure. So again I say, we have the right to be angry, but my question remains, what will be the solution ?

I agree with the absolute Biblical mandate of removal of unrepentant evil from our government but as I shared in a previous article, “We The People” share part of the responsibility and blame for our current mess in America. The Bible was not meant for American's(any people or nation) to sit on a shelf to collect dust. We want God so desperately when we have trouble(Remember 911 ?) and when God gives us the solution and that by the way He also provides a blessing for any people which follows Biblical (God's) precepts, many American's just insist on doing it instead the “Burger King Way”(Have it your own way...).

We as a nation need to stop looking to ourselves and our so called “elected leaders” for solutions. We and they without God(of the Bible) are easily swayed and corrupted to operate in our own limited knowledge and power. Problem being is that if we continue to do what we've always done, we will always get the same result. That of what I just shared is a definition of insanity !

Ending my article here, I have a few key questions for my fellow Americans.... Can a cockroach turn into a butterfly ? Emphatically not ! But, a caterpillar can turn into butterfly if enough pressure is applied within a cocoon. So, fellow American, what do you want to be when you come out from the pressure...To remain as a Cockroach, a Caterpillar or a beautiful Butterfly ?