Sunday, May 1, 2011

When A Nation Losses It's Prophet.....

When A Nation Losses It's Prophet.....

I would like to acknowledge and say a personal thank you this week to all my new readers from Patriot Statesman and American Patriots Press for taking the time to read my article and contributing articles.

You have probably heard of America's titles for those Christian men who have seemed to motivate or bring much attention to Biblical principles within and outside the USA. Persons such as Billy Graham was(is) known as “America's Evangelist." Other's like Dr. Charles Stanley is referred to on his television program as “America's Pastor” as well. Have you ever heard of “America's Prophet “ ? You may have, It is not an official title, but you probably never heard of that title before. As many American's are familiar with the Biblical office of “Evangelist” and “Pastor” it would seem many in the USA(and around the world) are no longer familiar with the Biblical tittle(office) of prophet. Prophecy is a major part f the Bible and thankfully, many nations have learned the importance of Bible prophecy over the years. Jesus Himself gave prophetic signs to look for before His return. The Old Testament is filled with many prophetic writings from those like Jeremiah, Daniel, Joshua, Isiah , etc... There “job” so to speak was to share information with people groups(mostly Israel and Judah in the Old Testament) on what God wanted the people to listen to or be careful of in their personal and at the national level. The Lord would often communicate to His prophets to give heed, direction and or warning to those whom He loved.

If you read your Bible thoroughly enough, you will see what occurred to many of these prophets is quite sad. In Hebrews 11:37, the Bible tells us that indeed the messages carried by God's prophets more often then not, were rejected by the people. In fact “They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented.“ Doesn't sound like the messages from God were very much welcomed by people at the time does it ? Well, today we see a similar attitude in people's hearts in America. Sadly, perhaps a very bad situation is arising because of hard hearted Americans, for we are less “America's Prophet.” Who might that be you may be wondering ? I believe that to be no other then David Wilkerson, the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City and also Founder of World Challenge Ministry. At 79 years old he was recently killed in a car crash. Perhaps like some of you reading this article, you believe Pastor Wilkerson's preaching and prophetic messages have and will forever be a marking and influence in my life and the nation of the USA as a whole. As he was, I am also a Preacher of The Cross Of Christ. That is his perhaps his greatest legacy. I will however state here that I believe Pastor Wilkerson's prophetic messages to America were indeed a close second only to his true Biblical and Cross of Christ preaching messages.

You may be asking now, why I am also sounding a bit more “preachy” in this blog article then usual? In deed, I believe I am as well. I will tell you why; David Wilkerson is dead... He is with the Lord Jesus now, the best place any of us could be but his death has a great spiritual impact on America and the direction America as a nation is heading. There is no more recognized national prophetic voice calling out to the American people- and that folks, just plain frightens me. I am not so scared for myself, no... not for me. I am frightened for the unsaved through Jesus, I am equally frightened also for the hard hearted and the religious folks that are out there that just “don't get it yet.” Yes, I am speaking of the millions of America's that have popped up wanting to “Get America Back”(some with good intention) but without the aide and of God back in His rightful place as the head of our nation.

David Wilkerson's prophetic voice rattled many a religious folks in America. He was not afraid or diswayed from preaching from the Bible. He chastised religions and cults and their leaders for stating they knew Jesus, but they did(do) not know Him at all. Pastor David stood up to a major Christian Denomination, confronting them equally hard for their blindness and foolishness for leaving sound Biblical doctrine. How many “Itchy Ear preachers”(2Timothy 4:3) did David Wilkerson speak of and to warning them(often times with weeping tears) to repent and know Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives and stop fooling around with the devil's doctrines? So very many. Pastor Wilkerson warned, and warned with the help of the Holy Spirit to all of America, including our very own United States Government to return back, back to Jesus Christ, their first love and to make America a great Christian nation again. There were so many warnings of judgment to America and now.... Pastor Wilkerson, America's Prophet has been taken from us and is dead.

Who will God replace as America's Prophet ? Will God give us another prophet to give warning or is our time for this nation up ? Have we corrupted ourselves so badly as a nation and a people, that there is no more warning ?, no more mercy ?, no more grace ? I have prayed, and what I see in the spirit is actually a brief calm before a greater storm. There is a small window of opportunity for the lost to repent and to be saved. After the window is closed however. I see what Pastor David Wilkerson prophesied in March of 2011(6 months before the tragedy of 911) to occur.

Our nation is at a serious cross roads. At the Federal and State Government level, many of our so called “Elected Officials”, Judges, Governors, etc... are so evil, so corrupt, so ungodly in nature and habit. Equally immoral are the millions of American's who sit by and do nothing, absolutely nothing to take a real stand against evil in our nation. Indeed, I am afraid for our nation. Pastor Wilkerson's death was allowed by God. I am afraid our laziness and apathy has invaded our hearts and thus, we will see the last of America as a nation unless we “get it” and repent and rise up to get God back to His rightful place in the USA once again !

Our American Founding Fathers knew what needed to be done to make our nation last. A recurring theme that I attempt to show week after week in my articles is that our American Fore fathers knew what they were talking about... they, “got it.”We have forgotten our own history, we have ignored the advice of our Founding Father's and are paying a heavy, heavy price. WI firmly believe that we as a nation, have a limited time to get this nation back on track. Last month, I quoted Jesus Himself from the Bible when He said “repent or perish !.” Now, with America's Prophet gone, I highly suggest we get it right and get it right now !

I leave you with this quote. I pray that is rattles a few hearts in the USA(and around the world to that matter)...
"If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instruction and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity."~Daniel Webster

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