A Pre-Christmas Message To All, Seeking Jesus and Self-Preservation Is Key......

I want to write a special message to everyone who is hurting and lonely because currently, so many are especially impacted due to added stress during the Christmas Season. First, Let me share I want to encourage everyone to remain strong in Christ despite what you circumstances may look like to you. I can in all honesty say I know what you are going through, as I myself am writing this blog article on my son's birthday whom I have not seen(any of my children) in nearly 1 and a half years now. I am not able to speak with them as they given to an evil Filipina Migration Scammer by some corrupt Government officials in the USA. My focus though as I also encourage you as well, is to keep trusting Jesus through our current unpleasant ordeal. We should not allow others or our circumstances in allowing us from defocussing in regards to what is most important. During Christmas, it is very easy to become distracted and de-focused because of what Christmas represents to many and that is family, being happy, and being loved and giving love to others. I will share with you here however(as a reminder to some), the real reason for Christmas, is the focusing on Jesus the Christ and what he later did for us on the cross at Calvary. You see, Jesus paid a heavy price for our sins on that cross. Jesus being God, knows all about what you are suffering right now. He knows all about having to deal with disappointments in life and that there are people who hurt others on purpose.

Many of us have desire to live a pleasant life-I know I do anyway. I know not one person who wishes to suffer but please remember... hurt, pain and suffering will come. You see, we live in an evil world where Satan is allowed to roam around and do much damage. In a real sense, we human beings are in a war between good Vs. evil. Yes, a real war. In that war, we all freely get to choose sides. Wouldn't it be great if people would choose to be on God's side only ?, you know... “The Good Guys”, but unfortunately, that's not the reality of life. There are people in our life time that instead of choosing to be good, they will choose to be evil....and because they choose evil, they care not whom they hurt. If you are in an evil person's way, you well know that you will be used, or pushed out of the way. Let's face it, evil people are interested in only one thing and that is pleasing themselves. Being abused or used by and evil person, we become a victim of another person's selfish plans. We become a casualty in a war we never asked to participate in. You may already know this already but let's keep the information handy so that we can keep a reality check right now.

Several years ago, I heard a pastor preach a message about “casualties” in wars between God and Satan. The pastor shared that “there are always casualties in war”(I thought to myself at the time...yes that's true) but the pastor went on in preaching sharing further and minimizing about casualties and that that those who become hurt or die in war are simply “casualties” and that “we cannot focus on them(casualties), after all there will always be casualties in any war.” In all honesty, I cringed when I heard that part of that pastor's message. I couldn't disagree more with that pastor. I know this pastor had no military experience and probably never heard the United States Marine Corp motto “We don't leave ours behind.” I believe that motto says a lot about also a Biblical Principle you can find both in the New as well as the Old Testament in the Christian Bible and that is That the Lord will never leave you, nor will He forsake you.” I am in agreement with the USMC motto(and the Bible of course) that there are wounded that should be taken care of and brought along with the remainder of the troops. After all, We are in a war right ?

I believe many are in need right now to keep focus and on priority of what life is all about. We should bare in mind always that we cannot change evil people. That is the job of the Holy Spirit the Bible declares. We need to focus instead on self preservation so that when they enemy of God (good) strikes, we can bare up under the pressure through the help of Jesus and refuse to buckle under as our enemies wish. You are aware that there are (evil)people, groups and governments who purposely try to manipulate you to die, commit even unto suicide ??? Yes, This is very true. You don't need for me to give you detailed list of names of people who are involved to do these wicked things do you ??? You should be keenly aware of who these agents of death are. Of course, these evil people know who they are as well. Their days are numbered and unless they repent of their wickedness...they will pay a heavy price for their wickedness. It is your job however not to quit, not to succumb to these evil people's wishes. Remember God cares about you and the Lord Jesus will guide you and encourage you to stay strong during this Christmas Season. Don't ever give the bad people an indication you are suffering. You keep strong by being with Jesus in prayer and other like minded Christians. There are other real Christians out there and who are going to help you win the battle n due season if you stay faithful to the end. Stay safe, sober minded, vigilant and strong in Jesus at all times !