Greed... It's Here And As Popular As Ever.

Greed... It's Here And As Popular As Ever.

So much greed going on in the world today. It sure does look like many of us are suffering at the hands of greedy people doesn't it ? Recent events in the United States as well as world-wide show a marked increase of those who wish to gain through any means more money, prestige, control and power. Some disguise their greediness with titles like “Congressman, mother, father, Legislator, Teacher, Judge, Pastor, Bishop, Father(priest), Imam, Rabbi” and so on. Others carry no particular title but have the same ugly habit and spirit. No doubt we are in the last days before Christ's return as outlined in 2Thothy Chapter 3 but I want to share some recent news related issues that show the outlandish greediness of some and how devastating it can be. Greedy people just hurt a few, they hurt many. There is what I call a “Ripple Effect” that occurs with greediness.

Let's acknowledge here that greedy people are self centered, feel self important and put themselves and their desires above everybody and everyone else. They make themselves god like and in the "spiritual world", they make themselves an idol and they themselves feel they deserve to be worshiped by others. They answer to no one except themselves. They either choose to, or cannot see themselves who they really are and what they have become. Their hearts are hard as a rock and nearly impossible to get them past a hardened heart until they get “knocked off their horses.”

Recent News worthy and personal events in my life prove that something must be immediately done to remove/shake-up/dismiss/take away control from evil people....

* Several Pennsylvania Judges were taking “kick backs”(bribes) to sentence children to private jails and programs. As is in many cases regarding children and families whether Family Courts, Parental Alienation Syndrome, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence Programs, there is (USA Title X)money involved. The thousands of cases of children who were sentenced to jail, many were not allowed to have attorney's. Blatant disregard for laws, the US and State's Constitutions all in the name of greed and profit. See the News story here at this link ...

* In another case of greediness, we see how Unions in the Sate Of Wisconsin are fighting against a Governor who is trying to operate a state budget with deep debt. Many people in America are without work. Money is NOT plentiful. Surely so as not to be a burden to the Wisconsin state and USA tax payers, Teachers and other Wisconsin State employee's can give something back until the State budget and tax base is equal that of such wonderful pay and benefits. This is not a “Union Vs. Management issue” this is a greed issue at it's core. Unions were once held a very functional and helpful place in America... helped reform child labor laws, protection of workers safety and pay equivalent to work but greediness has stepped in and needs to be stopped. Read more on the Wisconsin Union issue more at this link...

* Lastly, In my seemingly unending saga of being a victim of a Filipina Migration Scam as well as corrupt Judges, Lawyers, Cops, Domestic Violence Workers, CPS, a Psychologist, Teacher's/Principles and a few others in Genesee County, NY(USA), I have not been able to have contact with my children. I have not been able to return to the USA safely without fear of being murdered as I was informed by the hands and voice of a  City Of Batavia, NY Police Officer. If this was not bad enough, here while spreading the Word Of God and in helping the poor within the Philippines, I have had to deal with several issues of greedy people including one man who calls himself a 'Bishop" and who's former employee's and church members approached and gave to me signed letters of this bishop essentially "lying, cheating and stealing from and orphanage."  I initially did not wish to address this issue but they insisted that I "was someone they trust and need  your (my)help." I also did not wish to deal with another recent upsetting case of greediness, I encountered a group of so called "pastors"(who are not at all Christian pastors) who were trying to extort and blackmail me for money. Since I caught them in their illegal actions( I have informed attorney's and public officials here of their illegal actions) these group of so called pastors(One carries an Police ID card stating he is a "bishop"...another lie of many) have not only hurt me and my wonderful wife, they continue to try to damage the children we serve her by spreading false rumors and lies about us. These men/women are so greedy, they are using their access to a very indigent Filipino Tribe here to extort money and keep these poor Filipino's from receiving the Gospel of Christ and food, clothing and other blessings... all in the name of their greediness. I really want to cry over this matter. Selfishness and greediness has no heart nor mercy for anyone but for itself.

Yes, in these last days, there are so very many greedy people out there. I suppose there would be litterly millions of "selfish people stories" that I could share but I wanted to share this information in a hopeful help to insight for those involved in greedy action to stop... Stop hurting others because at some point if you don't, I guarantee there is someone more greedy and evil than yourself in this world and that in the end, will eat you and what you have stolen from others so you too will be left with nothing but heartache and sorrow. Yes, you will definitely be "Knocked off your high-horse" and brought down to reality. The call for, and act upon repentance is in tall order today for the greedy one's.

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