4 teeners ‘rape’ girl


ROXAS City — A 16-year-old girl complained to the police that she was sexually molested by four boys inside a boarding house here.

The girl said a certain Nonoy, through a text message, invited her to come to the latter’s boarding house.

Upon arriving at the boarding house, she was introduced by Nonoy to his three other friends, all private school students, the girl told the police.

She said the suspects bought liquor and invited her to a drinking binge.

A few hours later, Nonoy’s friends held her tight while Nonoy molested her, she said. The three other boys did the same, she added.

The suspects, who have been identified and arrested, initially denied molesting the victim but later admitted touching the girl’s private parts, the police said.

The girl’s parents said they are determined to file rape charges against the suspects.

The victim is currently under the care of a psychiatrist./PN

Gay, girls ‘molest’ boy


ROXAS City — The parents of a 17-year-old boy will file charges against a gay man and two women cohorts for “sexually enslaving” their son for about a week.

Police said the gay man, in a KTV bar here, asked the boy to go with him. But the boy refused.

According to the victim, the gay man later brought him at gun point to a remote place in a barangay here, police said.

The boy told the police that he was detained in a house and was sexually abused by the gay man and two other women for about a week.

He was fed but was not given the chance to take a bath and change his clothes, the victim told the police.

The boy later managed to escape./PN

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