Tanco to sign EO creating 
task force anti-private army

ROXAS City — Gov. Victor Tanco said he is set to sign an Executive Order that creates the Anti-Private Armed Groups (Anti-PAGs) Task Force in Capiz.

Senior Supt. Renato Gumban, provincial police director, earlier explained that a private armed group is a group of two or more armed persons utilized by local politicians, political rivals or civilians for any criminal activity, sowing violence, fear, and intimidation for any political economic or personal interests.

In the province, Gumban said there are allegedly two partisan armed groups, which became inactive since the 2007 elections.

A Provincial Anti-PAGs Task Force is needed to stop the operations of private armed groups and gun-for-hires, Gumban pointed out.

“The task force will… (dismantle) private armies and hired killers,” he said.

Aggressive police operations could stop the criminal activities of private armed groups, thus, promoting lasting peace and development in Capiz, he added.

The task force will be divided into four.

Task Group A will cover concerns of local government units such as identifying politicians and private individuals with PAGs in the barangay, city or municipality; information campaign; and formulation of ordinances or policies.

Task Group B, on the other hand, will cover law enforcement. The local police will conduct law enforcement operations targeting loose firearms, intelligence and counter intelligence on suspected politicians and private individuals, arrest and filing of appropriate cases.

Multi-sectoral concerns such as community support through information and advocacy activities are under the Task Group C, Gumban said.

Task Force D will be in-charge in the preparation and initiation of the filing of cases against arrested persons and violators. (PIA/PN


DTI driver mauls traffic aide


ROXAS City — A traffic aide was mauled by a driver after he cited the latter for violating a city ordinance here yesterday.

Gerard Artates complained to the police that he was beaten up by Edito Balaria, driver of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Capiz.

Balaria was driving his vehicle on Albar Terminal when Artates caught him using his mobile phone.

Artates sustained bruises on the different parts of his body.

The city government prohibits the use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets while driving.

Councilor Powell del Rosario, author of the ordinance, said the driver might not be aware of the new law, the reason why a heated argument ensued between him and the traffic aide.

Erlinda Pollentes, DTI provincial director, apologized for the driver’s rude behavior and vowed to discipline her erring employees./PN

Bizman faces ‘illegal gun’ rap

ROXAS City — A businessman in this city is facing a criminal charge for illegally possessing a firearm.
Authorities seized the .9mm pistol of Ijino “Bebot” Olano in his ancestral house in Sitio Angkin, Brgy. Poblacion, Sapian, Capiz recently.

Insp. Roel Bucat, Sapian police chief, said they received calls from concerned individuals that the 59-year-old suspect indiscriminately fired his gun, causing panic in the neighborhood.

When the police responded to the report, Bucat said Olano pointed his gun at him. Olano was later subdued and arrested.

Recovered from the crime scene were empty shells of the .9mm pistol.

Currently, the suspect was admitted to the hospital for chest pains. (Felipe Celino/PN

Old woman dies in lodging house

ROXAS City — A 71-year-old woman died while she was with a 27-year-old man in a lodging house the other day.

Authorities said the woman and the young man checked in a lodging house on Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, the man asked help from the roomboy and the security guard when the woman fainted after complaining of chest pain, police said.

The woman was brought to a hospital here but died a few minutes later due to cardiac arrest.

Her partner is nowhere to be found after the incident.

Police said the relationship of the two is still unknown. (Felipe Celino/PN)

Pa commits suicide


ROXAS City — A 42-year-old father committed suicide in Cuartero, Capiz the other day.

SPO4 Ruben Ferra of the Cuartero police station identified the man as Joseph Fabuna of Brgy. Poblacion Ilawod, Cuartero.

Fabuna initially tried to end his life about 2 p.m. by hanging himself using a rope. But his family stopped him, police said.

About 10 p.m. of the same day, the family was shocked when they found Fabuna in his room, with a nylon rope tied around his neck.

The family tried rushing him to the Sen. Gerry Roxas Memorial Hospital in Dao town, police said, but the attending physician declared him dead on arrival.

Allegedly, the man was drunk when he committed to end his life, said the police.

The family believed Fabuna killed himself after learning about the suitors of his daughter.

According to a meat vendor who knows Fabuna, the man wanted his daughter to succeed in her career first before engaging in a relationship.

Fabuna do not favor all who courted his daughter, the meat vendor added./PN

Man shot dead

ROXAS City — A 40-year-old man was shot dead by three men in Pilar, Capiz recently.

Insp. Ahlie Estember, Pilar police chief, identified the victim as Jeffry Sarad of Brgy. Dulangan, Pilar.

One of the gunmen, Mateo Bangcoyo, was arrested by the police in a hot pursuit operation.

Estember said prior to the incident, Sarad, Bangcoyo and two others were having a drinking binge in the house of Sarad’s brother Hernani.

A heated argument ensued between the victim and Bangcoyo.

The suspect left ahead but later returned with a handgun and shot the victim. (Felipe Celino/PN)

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