Boy charged for killing girlfriend


ROXAS City — An 18-year-old boy was charged for killing his girlfriend in Brgy. Balaring, Ivisan, Capiz about two weeks ago.

Neil Estores was charged with homicide before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office over the death of his girlfriend, high school student Rachel Urdelas, Insp. William Limjuco, Ivisan police chief said.

Estores admitted shooting his girlfriend, a student of the Ivisan National High School extension in Brgy. Basiao, Ivisan, which eventually led to the latter’s death.

He yielded to Balaring Barangay Captain Paterno Untayao, who also turned him over to the Ivisan police station on Thursday last week, Limjuco said.

Estores said everything was a mere accident, according to Limjuco.

But Limjuco said there were “circumstantial” evidences against the suspect, like the slipper recovered from the crime scene and the manner of killing.

The suspect also refused to reveal his motive for killing Urdelas and the kind of firearm that he used in the crime, the police chief said.

Estores is currently with the Ivisan police while the case against him is under inquest at the Prosecutor’s Office.

The incident was believed to be an aftermath of a heated argument between the two on January 14.

Sustaining a fatal gunshot wound on the head, Urdelas was later found lying on the road by nearby residents.

She was still alive when she was rushed to the Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital. But she later died.

Jun Argoncillo, Balaring barangay kagawad, said the victim was last seen with her boyfriend, also of the same village, sitting on a waiting shed.

Argoncillo said he found the victim lying on the road upon returning to Brgy. Balaring onboard on a red pick-up car.

He immediately informed the family about what happened to the victim.

Rachel’s sister Jassen said the victim earlier asked permission to go to the house of her classmate with her boyfriend Estores to get a school project.

Estores was the primary suspect in the case due to “circumstantial evidences,” the police said earlier.

Lourdes Urdelas, the victim’s mother, earlier dared the suspect to come out in the open.

Lourdes said they will file murder charges against Estores should the latter continue hiding./PN


Strafing kills 1, hurts 1


ROXAS City — A man died while another was wounded after unidentified suspect strafed a house in Brgy. Santo Niño, President Roxas, Capiz the other day.

Police said Peter Loriente succumbed to several gunshot wounds in the body.

On the other hand, his friend Joseph Llamo sustained gunshot wounds on both of his legs, said the police. He is currently confined in a hospital here.

Police reports said the two victims were having a drinking binge in the house of Nilo Loriente, Peter’s relative, when unidentified men passed by.

Without any provocation, the passing men fired their guns on the house, police said.

The suspects might have had old grudges against the victims, the police added./PN

Watershed summit in March

ROXAS City — A watershed summit will be held in the province on March this year.

Organizers recently met at the Hall of Governors in the Provincial Capitol to discuss the preparations and other details regarding the event.

During the summit, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources officers are expected to present the status of watersheds in their respective municipalities.

The preservation and conservation of watersheds can help minimize flooding in some towns in Capiz, according to Dr. Jessica Salas, president of the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition Development Administration.

Gov. Victor Tanco assured the provincial government’s support to the activity.

The provincial government, he said, continuously monitors the condition of the 47 watersheds in Capiz through the Capiz Sustainable Development Council (CSDC), he said.

CSDC is composed of the Provincial Planning and Development Office, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippine Information Agency, Capiz State University, Kiwanis, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council and the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council. (CPPB/PN)

OPA, BAS reports help
solve agri woes, guv says

ROXAS City — Gov. Victor Tanco said reports of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) and the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) help his administration formulate development plans and solve problems of the agriculture sector.

“We can create plans and solutions to problems occurring in our agricultural industry such as flooding and pests because of the right information given to us by the OPA and the BAS,” said Tanco.

One of the governor’s development agenda is “vibrant economy.”

Under this, the growth of the agricultural industry of the province is seen to be one of the key factors in achieving progress.

Currently, the OPA and BAS continue regularly monitoring the agricultural products in the province.
Eric Piansay, BAS agricultural statistics officer, said they conduct weekly and monthly monitoring on the production and price of agricultural products in the market.

“We also regularly coordinate with the (OPA) in monitoring the supply of agricultural products, particularly corn and rice grains,” said Piansay. (CPPB/PN

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