Syudad sang ROXAS – Patay ang duha ka persona sa nagluntad nga rambol sa banwa sang Pilar, probinsia sang Capiz sang nagligad nga Martes sang gab-i.

Suno kay PO3 Rommel Bacusa, officer-on-case sang Pilar Police Station, ang mga biktima ginkilala kanday Remie Jumaday, 49, mangingisda kag residente sang Brgy. Casanayan, Pilar kag Jordan Bacaling, 18, college student kag residente sang Brgy. San Nicolas, Pilar.

Sandig sa imbestigasyon sang kapulisan, may nagluntad nga rambol sa barangay plaza sang San Nicolas alas-10:50 sang gab-i.

Sadto nga tion, si Jumaday kaupod ang mga abyan sini nagalantaw sang Bikini Open kon sa diin nag-abot naman ang grupo ni Bacaling.

Sa wala nahibaluan nga rason, ginbuno ni Bacaling si Jumaday sa nawala nga bahin sang dughan kag kilid sang lawas.

Ginhingagaw pa dala si Jumaday sa Jesus Colmenares District Hospital sa Balasan, Iloilo apang gindeklarar ini nga dead upon arrival sang doktor.

Samtang si Bacaling naman ang gindala man sa nasambit nga ospital bangod sang pilas sini sa tiyan tuga sang pagtiro.

Sang ulihi ginpakamaayo nga ginsaylo ini sa Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital apang makaligad ang pila ka minutos ginbawian man sang kabuhi./H


MANY are asking us about the mystery behind the financial rise of Edgar “Injap” Sia whose business Mang Inasal has been bought by the Jollibee Corp. for P3 billion.
P3 billion is real money that could buy anything — except life.
Some of our readers’ queries are: Who is this guy? What are his personal circumstances? Is he single? Is he a normal person? Is he one of the hermaphrodites? What is in Mang Inasal chicken that clicks to the taste of people? Is there a harmful food seasoning in his chicken inasal? Is he happy with his awesome wealth? Can he sleep well?
These are either malicious or innocent questions from curious individuals who seem not satisfied of the simple knowledge that the young man has special business acumen or heavenly gift not present in normal human beings.
We will try to satisfy our readers’ curiosity later on about “Injap” who, on the other hand, has miserably failed to democratize a little of his wealth to the least of his brethren, especially the hoi polloi.
“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” — Matthew 19:24