Dadivas elected VMLP nat’l VP

ROXAS City — Vice Mayor Ronnie Dadivas was elected as national vice president for operations of the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines (VMLP) unopposed during the league’s 19th National Convention at the Waterfront Insular Hotel in Davao on February 24–26.

This was the second time Dadivas was elected to a national post.

Despite being a neophyte vice mayor then, Dadivas was elected as national vice president for finance during the VMLP’s 17th National Convention at the historic Manila Hotel.

Such victory made him the first Capiceño to hold a national position 20 years after the VMLP was put up.
Dadivas, now on his second term as vice mayor, is the current president of VMLP-Capiz Chapter.

He said his win will help him institute reforms and push for developmental initiatives for the league.

“I look forward to having a leadership role in this important and historic organization that recently has focused on fiscal sustainability, development and environmental stewardship,” he said.

Dadivas also expressed gratitude to his colleagues at the VMLP-Capiz Chapter for their support and cooperation./PN

Tanco wants DSWD-6 
field office out of Capiz 


ROXAS City — Gov. Victor Tanco wanted the field office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development 6 (DSWD) out of the province.

Atty. Jose Villanueva, chief provincial legal officer, said Tanco felt insulted with the way DSWD-6 personnel treat provincial officials.

He said the governor wants to rescind the five-year memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the provincial government and the DSWD allowing the latter to use ‘Pag-ulikid’ commercial stalls at the Villareal Stadium here.

Villanueva also said Tanco allowed the DSWD to make use of the provincial government’s property after former Mayor Vicente Bermejo carted those away years ago for unknown reasons.

The DSWD-6 previously occupies a stall that belongs to the city government.

Tanco acknowledged the DSWD projects implemented in the province but he was by-passed in selecting project beneficiaries, he said.

Villanueva said there should be a Provincial Advisory Council to review all the list of the supposed beneficiaries and the program to be implemented.

Some were complaining, he said, alleging that some beneficiaries were not actually indigents or poor but professionals and well-to-do residents.

“The national government is spending millions of pesos for projects that do not actually go to the supposed beneficiaries,” he stressed.

Violeta Silva heads the DSWD-6 field office in the province, which holds office at the Capiz Provincial Capitol./PN



2 die of rabies


ROXAS City — There are already two confirmed deaths due to rabies in the province.

Provincial Health Medical Specialist Dr. Evelyn Bolido said the two mortalities — one case from Jamindan town and the other from Panitan — were caused by rabied dog bites.

Dr. Bolido said the public must be vigilant regarding dog bites, especially during the summer.

Most dog bite cases happen during the season, she said.

She also urged the public to immediately seek medical attention when wounded by dog bites, even though the same may only be a simple abrasion, to ensure the person’s safety as well as those surrounding the victim.

Dr. Bolido also reminded Capiceños to be responsible pet owners as pets could also endanger the lives of many.

As a responsible pet owner, one should have his or her dog immunized, she said.

There is a need to coordinate with the concerned veterinary or agriculture office in their respective localities for anti-rabies dog vaccination, she added.

In this capital city alone, about 10,000 dogs are being targeted by the Office of the City Veterinarian for vaccination. (PIA/PN)

PDC backs forest, climate protection project

ROXAS City — The Provincial Development Council (PDC) is supporting the Forest and Climate Protection Project Panay (FORCLIM).

It already approved the project’s endorsement to the Regional Development Council 6 (RDC-6) for approval.

The German Federal Ministry for Environment (GFME) is the project’s sponsor.

Recently, Gov. Victor Tanco and the technical staff of the GFME discussed more about the three–five-year project, which aims to reforest the Central Mountain Ranges of Panay.

The project was said to be crucial to the food and water security of Panay as well as the protection of the biodiversity within it.

In the province, the municipalities of Jamindan and Tapaz are within the area of the Central Panay Mountain Ranges.

“The project will be very beneficial to the Capiceños as it is a common knowledge that the progress of the province also depends on how well it manages and protects its environment and natural resources,” said Tanco.

He added: “The project will also evaluate the possible substitution of fossil fuels by renewable energy such as forest and agricultural biomass for electricity and reduction of carbon dioxide emission which is one of the causes of global warming and climate change.”

FORCLIM will also support local government units in preparing plans and entering management agreements with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for implementing environmental management and protection measures, establishment of endemic and endangered flora and fauna, critical habitats and dissemination of appropriate agro-forestry and reforestation methods to communities.

FORCLIM will be discussed in the next RDC-6 meeting. Tanco is also the RDC-6 chair. (CPPB/PN)

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