By Atty. Marlowe Camello, in California, USA

I strongly oppose Charter Change.  The present constitution is near perfect.  All that is required is to provide implementing legislation to its Article II, Section 1 and Section 26.

The needed implementing law for Article II, Section 1, is the Grand Jury and Trial Jury systems law to democratize justice by enabling the common people to participate in the deciding power of justice.  This will, in effect, allow the people to exercise their sovereign power and authority and go after government corrupt officials and serious crime offenders to send them to jail.  

The jury system will enable the people to "clean up" the government from infestation of undesirable public servants. Let us stop the monopoly of justice by public officials.

In the web site below is a proposed Jury draft law:
(continue reading through Article XIII)

The required implementing law for Article II, Section 26 of the constitution is an "Electoral Reform Act" to simplify the final voting into just 2 major parties and to outlaw the election of dynasty of politicians in electoral public positions.

I propose that a public "Electoral Reform Initiative" be sponsored by popular process directly by the people under RA 6735, instead of by congress.  I recommend a draft of this measure which is shown in the web site below:

Let us stop making public positions being owned by families of politicians like a Sari-Sari store for their own business monopoly.

Thank you.

Atty. Marlowe Camello

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