PNP-Caraga recalls permits to carry guns,  police security personnel to VIPs

By Ben Serrano

Camp Rafael C Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City (PNA) - All special permits or authority granting police personnel for security to government officials, VIPs and other private individuals under threat including Permits to Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) issued by the Philippine National Police have been suspended from September 25, 2010 to November 11, 2010, the PNP regional office here today announced.

          In a special press statement furnished to this writer by PNP regional information office claimed the result of the joint conference of COMELEC, PNP and AFP in Caraga Region held at Camp Rafael C Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City Saturday demanded that all permits for special privileges have been revoked and recalled.

          Which means all private person, politicians including law enforcers, military without proper uniform carrying, brandishing firearms in public can now be arrested, the special announcement/ press release said.

Earlier PNP Chief, Director General RAUL M BACALZO issued directives to all PNP offices in the country that all gun carrying privileges by virtue of PTCFORs are suspended for the entire duration of the election period.

          COMELEC-imposed nationwide gun ban policy from September 25, 2010 to November 11, 2010, as part of security measures for the October 25, 2010 synchronized Barangay and SK Elections.

          Caraga Police Regional Director Chief Superintendent REYNALDO S. RAFAL said that only PNP, AFP, NBI personnel and Protective Agents of PDA (Private Detective Agencies) shall be deputized as security detail during the election period provided that these personnel shall be in proper uniform and in the actual performance of official security duties

“However, all security detail are subject to approval of the COMELEC Committee for the Ban on Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP)” Rafal concludes. (PNA/Ben Serrano)


8 kilos gold ores robbed by armed robbers in Agusan Norte; 1 hurt

by Ben Serrano

            SANTIAGO, Agusan del Norte (PNA) - An estmated eight kilos of gold ores were robbed by armed robbers who at gun point ransacked a mineral rod mill establsihment in Purok 6, Barangay San Isidro of this town Sunday evening, barangay officials here and Santiago Municipal Police Office here reported.

            A 24 year old son off the owner of the rod mill establishment was wounded when one of the armed robbers shot him but managed to escape death by jumping into the fence.

Police identified the victim as Jojo Biyog Beto, 24, single, miner and resident of Barangay Curva, Santiago, Agusan del Norte. Beto was brought to a hospital in Cabadbaran City for treatment.

            Official barangay and police report said armed robbers suudenly appeared at the rod mill estanblsihment owned by certain Pepito Beto and opened fire and forcibly entered the rod mill while Beto and his workers were processing gold ores from mountainous gold rush areas of this town and in adjacent Cabadbaran City

            After ransacking the rod mill, suspects even opened fire again to sow fear.

            Prices per gram of gold are static and depends of prices at the international market as of press time it is pegged at P3,300 to P3,600 per gram. In one kilo there are one thousand grams.

            Despite of the loud noses of the guns fired several times upon entering and leaving teh rod mill and commotions it caused from shouts and cries of Beto Family members and wives of male workers, no one among many neighbors called up or text barangay officials, tanods and the nearby community police outpost.

            This is not the first time roberies of gold and minerals rod mills in towns of Santiago and Tubay were ransacked or vcitimized by armed roobery incidents.

            Robbery hold up of public tarnsport single motors to and from gold rush areas, ranscaked of godl tunnels by armed men equipped with high powered firearms are almost everyday yet unsolved by authorities until now.

Santiago Police said they are going to investigatie the incident.  (PNA/Ben Serrano)


PRO-13: We're ready for October 25 Barangay, SK polls

By Ben Serrano

      Camp Rafael Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City (PNA) -  “We’re ready” says police officials, men and women of Caraga Police Regional Office but on how ready is ready that they don’t disclosed yet.


        In a press statement issued by the Caraga Police Regional Office here claimed all policemen in the region are now ready for the upcoming synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections on October 25, 2010. .


New Caraga Police Director PCSUPT REYNALDO S. RAFAL, CEO VI said the 45-day security operation has been implemented since September 25 until November 11, 2010. 


Policemen is expected to assume election duties as deputies of the Commission on Elections and will take this challenge as another opportunity for the PNP to shine and possibly duplicate the fine performance of election duties in the May 2010 national and local polls.  


The Command will surely oversee and supervise all election security operations by lower units.  PSSUPT SAMUEL MAUSAY YORAN, Deputy Regional Director for Operations together with PSSUPT MANSUE NERY LUKBAN, Regional Chief Directorial Staff led in inspecting the COMELEC Checkpoint conducted by the police in respective municipalities. 


Joint Security Coordinating Centers (JSCC) will be put up by the PNP and AFP at the regional, provincial and municipal levels to ensure police-military inter-operability and coordination in operations against Partisan Armed Groups and other election law violators.


GENERAL RAFAL has instructed all units to closely monitor the prevailing situation in perennial election hotspots and to initiate immediate action to prevent any outbreak of election-related violence. 


Comelec Resolution 9019 orders the PNP and AFP to enforce a nationwide gunban from September 25 to Nov 11, 2010.


            The press statement claimed that during the May2010 elections, PRO 13 complied all directives from higher headquarters: Established Joint Security Control Centers and Election Monitoring Action Centers;  


Prepared and submitted security plans, conducted scenario exercises, inspections and monitoring; Established checkpoints/chokepoints and Conducted public information campaign for an CREDIBLE,HONEST,ACCURATE,MEANINGFUL,AND PEACEFUL (CHAMP).  


Based on the survey conducted in coordination with PNP Program Management Office (PMO) having 4,400 respondent households conducted on May 29-June 13, 2010 by the Asia-Pacific Center for Research (ACRE), PRO13 ranked No.1 in the total gun ban efficiency and effectiveness nationwide with 76.22%


By diffusion Index, Police Regional Office 13 or  PRO13 apprehended 80 total gun ban violators (4 PNP, 2 AFP, 1 BJMP and 1 NBI).  The aforementioned ACRE Survey also shows PRO13 ranked No.3 on Checkpoints Efficiency and Effectiveness nationwide with 70.63 Diffusion Index. (PNA/Ben Serrano)