200 cadavers in Surigao cemetery wash out into shores after dike collapsed

by Ben Serrano

    March 25, 2011


            BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - More than 200 cadavers were washed out into shores after a cemetery dike collapsed on Monday, belated report reaching this Caraga regional center or capital said.


            Tandag City Mayor Alexander Pimentel confirmed that more than 200 cadavers some of them were still inside coffins were seen floating at the shores of coastal town of Tago, Surigao del Sur.


            The strong current and huge wave may have destroyed the Tago Public Cemetery concrete dike. The Tago Public Cemetery is located is located near sea shores.


            Coastal town of Tago is only few kilometers away from Tandag City, the capital city of the province of Surigao del Sur.


            “We denied reports that those washed out cadavers seen floating in shores in Tago were coming from Tandag City cemetery because our cemetery is located in the hilly portion of the city” Tandag City Mayor Alexander Pimentel told PNA in a mobile interview.


            Pimentel however quickly assured the Tago Public Cemetery whose periphery dike collapsed after strong waves hit it on Monday were already slowly repaired and the flowing of waves inside the cemetery already contained or controlled. 

            Pimentel claimed some confusion on reports surfaced about which cemetery were affected by the dike collapsed because the Municipal Mayor of Tago town is also a Pimentel, his cousin, Mayor Hendricks Pimentel.

          PNA tried very hard  to reach Tago Mayor Hendricks Pimentel but to no avail. 

            The DOH has been tasked to look into reports that fishponds waters in Tago have been contaminated with decaying cadavers washed out into shores.

            Tago is home of many fishponds for bangus, quality tiger shrimps, crabs. oysters and others that are exported while some have been delivered to cities of Butuan, Davao and Metro Manila and nearby provinces. 

Tago and Tandag City is 276 kilometers away from Butuan City, the region's capital (PNA/Ben Serrano)

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