Butuan City is now being considered as new investment destination in Mindanao  

by Ben Serrano

     February 11, 2011

            BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - With available, educated, reasonable labor cost and strategic business location, some local and foreign investors are now taking a second look at Butuan City as the new investment destination in Mindanao, says Butuan City Mayor Dr. Ferdinand Amante, Jr. 

              Because of its geographical location, Butuan City is strategically located in terms of business investment opportunities especially on moving goods, products, services and people to different places or points in Mindanao. 

               If on-going Butuan City-Bukidnon road will be completed, agricultural products from Bukidnon for shipment to Visayas and Luzon is an easy access because of its nearness thus lessened transportation cost. 

                An international seaport in Barangay Masao aside from present Nasipit International Wharf which is only 14 kilometers away will soon be establish here in Butuan City 

            In a meeting with his close advisers and staff late afternoon yesterday by which this writer was exclusively invited, Amante and his Executive Assistants Enrico Tabia and Engr. Ruel Jamili said with new thrust for transparency and accountability in governance the Butuan City government is now implementing, more and more and local and foreign investors have signified their interests to invest in Caraga’ Region’s capital, Butuan. 

            Almost all regional offices of different national government agencies, development foundations and institutions, local and international NGO offices and branch offices of many local and international businesses are located in Butuan City. 

            Atty. Gemma Reserva, Butuan City Government General Services Head, on the other hand, said a P1-B Shipyard Facility will soon to be establish here in Butuan City.

            Business Outsourcing giants, Convergy’s, i-Telecare and many other call center establishments have also expressed and already sent proposals to the Butuan City Mayor to establish their branch offices in the city.

            Many local and foreign investors mostly big players in tourism industry business have also expressed intense desire to develop eco-tourism, adventure and historical and culture tourism projects in Butuan City. 

             Several plantation type agriculture, livestock and aqua-marine-based investors have also expressed keen interest to invest in Butuan City including planted wood species based businesses are keen to establish wood processing plants here in Butuan. 

            Mall giant Robinson Land Property has already purchased more than three hectares of prime commercial land along J.C. Aquino Avenue and groundbreaking to build one of the largest of Robinson’s Mall outside Metro Manila and Cebu. 

            Amante said the Robinson’s Mall construction is expected to be finish by first quarter of 2012.

            “Hopefully, this year will be good start for all of us, the latest interest of many local and foreign investors is a welcome and healthy sign for all of us bringing hope to many unemployed in the city”, Amante said.

         Amante vowed to improve further other infrastructure needs of the investors saying Butuan City needs to have better comprehensive land use and master development plan including cheaper electricity and water rates to be competitive with other cities  to entice more business investment opportunities whether it be local or international. 

            Amante also challenged the academe to produce World-class workforce saying relevant, competitive education curriculum that global in perspective is what the city needs.

            " Our IT sector must also be globally competitive and must be strengthened in order to produce quality graduates in the highly competitive and demanding World of Business Outsourcing and other foreign investment opportunities. This is the calls and challenges of our times that we have to address or we will be left out and wake up empty handed", Amante said. (PNA/Ben Serrano) 

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