Guard’s heroic stance saved Butuan pawnshop from robbery attempt

by Ben Serrano

     January 24, 2011


            BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - A heroic stance of a 32 year old security guard of one of the oldest pawnshop establishment here in Butuan City, saved the establishment he was guarding from imminent hold up robbery try Sunday afternoon by five robbery suspects believed to be armed by .45 caliber pistols.


            Butuan City Police office report revealed two single motorcycle riding robbers arrived at Venus Pawnshop located at E. Luna corner Villanueva Street this city past noon yesterday Sunday.


            Three armed suspects boarded a black Bajaj model single motorcycle without plate number while two others boarded a single red XRM Honda single motorcycle with plate number but not readable arrived suddenly at the pawnshop which is located in one of the busiest commercial district of this city.


            Initial police investigation report revealed Security Guard Edlyn Tapere Dumaplin, 32, married, duty on guard at that time noticed that one of the five suspects who was armed with .45 cal pistol approached him and about to pull his. .45 cal pistol tucked in his waist.


            Sensing danger, as the suspect was about to aim his .45 cal. Pistol at him, Dumaplin immediately grabbed the firearm of the suspect


            The two grappled each other trying to take possession of the firearm but the firearm suddenly burst with a gunfire hitting the right ear of the suspect.


            As the two still fighting it out in full view of the stunned passersby and public who scampered for safety fear to be hit by stray bullet, another gun burst was heard hitting Joey  Anino Avila, the pawnshop’s appraiser.


            The two still continue to grapple for the possession of the gun, until magazine of the firearm loaded with live ammunitions fell off thus the suspect, gunless now immediately take their getaway single motorcycle and the group speed away from the crime scene.


            The entire grappling incident spent about 5 to 10 minutes, eyewitnesses said.


            After minutes, responding Butuan City Police patrol arrived at the pawnshop with only one pair of color black sandal believed to belong to the armed suspect and the. 45 cal pistol magazine with still six live ammunitions left, the robbers gone.


            A police-Barangay Kababayan outpost is just few meters from the crime scene.


            A Barangay office is just 15 meters away from the crime scene where barangay tanods hold office.


            Police said they will be conducting investigation of the said incident.


            Police records showed about eleven robbery incidents involving motorcycle riding armed with .45 cal pistols robbery suspects happened in different parts of Caraga region in a just a matter of a week. This do not include robbery victims who failed to report to police the incidents they encountered or simply felt no longer necessary to report the incidents because it can’t be solved anyway.


            Crimes against property like snatching of mobile phones incidents, robbery hold up and crimes against persons like stabbing, shooting are also on the surge in the region. (PNA/Ben Serrano)

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