Surigao del Norte Provincial Government to release six captive eagles from capitol's aviary 

by Ben Serrano

     January 25, 2011


            SURIGAO CITY (PNA) - Surigao del Norte Governor Sol Folcadilla Matugas is now planning to let go all six eagles being kept at the provincial capitol aviary.


            The provincial government owned aviary where some bird species are also being kept is located just across the Provincial Capitol Mansion which served as guest house for VIP visitors.


            Matugas told reporters she wanted to free the eagles after she took pity of the rare eagles the provincial government is keeping and maintaining for people and visitors to see.


            “ I wanted them freed because I do want to see them locked for long although at times I wanted them here safe because we are not certain they will not be hunted by some heartless bird hunters if they will be freed”, Governor Matugas said.


            Matugas said the provincial government spent some P8,000 a month to feed the captive six eagles.


            “But it is not about spending, I just wanted to see these eagles free” Matugas was heard saying.


            Matugas said she has called the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to look into the heath of the eagles before it will be freed.


            She however admitted that she is also thinking to donate the eagles to Haribon Foundation, an environmental group, so that said rare bird species can be released into their natural habitat. (PNA/Ben Serrano) 

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