14 persons arrested in anti-illegal drugs raid in Butuan City; sachets of shabu, ammunitions found

by Ben Serrano

     May 11, 2011

            Camp Rafael Rodriguez, LIBERTAD, BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - Operatives of Butuan City Police Office headed by Deputy Butuan City Police Director PSUPT FRANCISCO D DUNGO JR, arrested four persons possessing alleged illegal drugs shabu while hauled ten others to Butuan City Police for questioning during anti-illegal drugs raid and buy bust operations in different houses in Purok 3, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City Tuesday (May 10) morning

                The police operatives who participated in the raid were Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Force (AIDSOTF) of the Butuan City Police Office together with members of Butuan City Police Station 1 and Butuan City Public Safety Company, official report from Caraga police regional information office claimed. 

                Armed with seven search warrants issued by Butuan City RTC Branch 4 Judge Godofredo Abul dated May 5, 2011, the police operatives were able to arrest during the riad and buy bust operations Mark Sol Gumbay Mangatong, 21, married and resident of Purok 4, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City. Seized from his possession, according to the report were; 3 sachets of suspected shabu in his possession, five 1OO peso bills marked money; several assorted drug paraphernalias; three rounds live ammunition of caliber .38; mobile phones and one sachet of suspected shabu during the buy bust.

            Another arrested was MOKALIDIN GUMBAY MANGATONG, 24, married and resident of Purok 4, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City, Butuan City Police said.

Confiscated from his possession were two (2) sachets of suspected shabu, five units assorted mobile phones and cash money worth P35O.OO in different denominations;

            Another arrested was Alias TATSKIE with true name TAAS SULTAN y AMPASO, 26, married and resident of Purok 4, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City.. Confiscated from his possession were four (4) sachets of suspected shabu; two (2) pieces of1OO bills marked money; one mobile phone; assorted drug paraphernalia; one (1) sachet of suspected shabu during the buy bust and cash money worth P2,2OO.OO peso bills in different denominations.

            Alias MANDAPI with true name KADDAFI LUMAYON, CASAN, 32, married and resident of Purok 4, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City was also arrested.. Confiscated from Casan’s possession were nine sachets of suspected shabu found in the sala; several drug paraphernalia (empty sachets and lighters and cash money worth P5,98O.OO in different denominations.

            Other persons present during the drug raid and search who were arrested, brought to Butuan City Police office for investigation and documentation present at the houses, vicinities of the suspects’ abode where illegal drugs were discovered were; Eric Olangcaya, 32, married, Niña Panyurutan Santos, Lovel Beri Banlas, 24,  Emilio Perez Tidalgo Jr, 29, and  Abdul Ameril Bandira, 18, single, all residents of Purok 4, Barangay San Ignacio, Butuan City.


            Others were Ali Samporna y Datu, 31, married, resident of Marantaw, Marawi City; Reynan Valdehueza Galimba, 21. single, resident of Purok 2, Barangay Ambago, Butuan City; Honeylie Saspa Manulat, 22, single,  resident of Village 2,, Barangay Libertad, Butuan City; Ronaldo Talan y Torita, 30, married, resident of Purok 10, Barangay Obrero, Butuan City and Camilo Maniago Acdal, 28, single, resident of Purok 1, Barangay Obrero, Butuan City. 

            Three other suspects that were named in Search Warrants namely alias MAMA, alias MAR and alias BENZ evaded the arrest using secret passages from their respective houses/ rooms but still Search and Seizure were conducted in their respective abodes where operatives seized undetermined amount and grams of illegal drugs shabu and paraphernalias were found. 

            Caraga Police regional director Chief Supt. Reynaldo S. Rafal on the other hand immediately congratulated the Butuan City police operatives upon learning success of the drug buy bust and anti-illegal drugs raid.

            Rafal immediately ordered further thorough investigations why other suspects managed to escape despite said areas were cordoned by members of the police raiding team. 

            Rafal also ordered further investigations against personalities present in the areas and what they are doing where illegal drugs, drug paraphernalias, cash money and ammunitions were found. (PNA/Ben Serrano)

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