by Ben Serrano

November 11, 2010


Clinton’s advice for OFW’s to return home to help RP is good but…


               Starting today I will never post fresh news in my facebook account Manassas Benedict Serrano again. Some enterprising newsmen, editors (who boasted they’re best journalists Mindanao ever produced tsk..tsk..tsk.. best in cut, paste and copy maybe) copy and paste my news articles and do not even bother to attribute the author’s name. The worst copycats this World had ever produced. Mga bagag nawong ning mga tawhana . Maayo pa unta ug mga lumos mo sabaw…Gabaan ra mga Doy… Maligsan…. pa unta moooo….hehehehe…Make your own news please.. Makalibang pa unta mo'g traktor he..he..he..




Former U.S. of A President Bill Clinton advises RP government to encourage Filipinos abroad to go home and help RP from quagmire of hopelessness, poverty and desperation… Hehehe.. Good advise Bill but RP needs CASH, loans, grants… Only to be stolen later by RP officials to buy votes again and again…



The problem, my friend Bill Clinton is not the OFW for they are now trained by foreign companies, employers what a right thinking individuals should be because although against their caprices, some by their hard headed will and attitudes (because of People Power mentality) to be under by others, OFWs had no choice but to follow orders or else thrown out the window from 34th floor skyscraper, others sent back home because of the difficulty to adjust foreign cultures and attitudes.


And when OFW go back home, is all the same because the he problem is Governance, my friend Bill, by local RP governance and local attitudes to compete with the rest of the World….



P-Noy orders, “NCIP back again to the Office of President” ..uhmm good news. Under DENR, some tribal people alleged, the only lessons they got were how to negotiate smoothly with mining and logging firms or how to institutionalize divide and rule to continuously mine and log ancestral domains…tsk tsk tsk…Logging and Mining now, Development for RP tribes later..tsk tsk tsk…




“Well”, at least, a tribal leader murmured sitting beside me, “RP tribes under OP all we got are promises and political promises and trainings and seminars coming back all over and over again” The tribal leader not dealer continued to murmur, “All RP tribals need is for NCIP to do its job for tribes sake not for others like mining and logging firms and empower us, educate us, teach us livelihoods and farming”. Good advice Datu…Very Good…But what are you going to do with tribal dealers or even tribal leaders who sell rights of the tribes in exchange of money and goodies? “HANG THEM UPSIDE DOWN under flagpole full of red ants, rats and worms” Datu replied.hehehe..




What about NGOs who just stir tribes of their rights, create awareness but do not have sustainable programs to act but leave them later, the tribal datu stared at me profusely and said, “Well, hanged them too because they were only created to make money of their own, some NGO leaders enriching themselves and used the tribes” the tribal datu stood up and get his “mama” with matching “otot and bagotbot” as he leaves me, hehehe.. The tribal leader is actually a close friend of mine..




Attending the 6th Mindanao Media Summit held at Davao City’s Garden Oases Resort Hotel and Convention Center November 5-7, I happened to talk intimately with my new found friend Malaysian Army Major General Baharom who heads the International Monitoring Team-5 of the GRP-MILF peace talks and IP representative to the peace talks Datu Antonio Linoc of the B’laan Tribes, our talks were very interesting as they forecast the possible outcome of the talks.




Our discussions were wide-ranging from the alleged corruption side issues to the Filipino mentality of governance the two claimed main hindrances of the MILF-GRP peace talks. In the next column, I will reveal to you all…Abangan…




In my Spices of Pinoy Life column,… “And so the King of the Enchanted Kingdom in the Land of No Return, by the grace of God, got buried with throngs of supporters who shared his loot and sell their votes open arms sometimes open legs paraded in kilometers long (in reality they were not in grief of the King’s physical loss but they grief of where to get goodies the King gave them all these years)


And so the King’s contractors dismayed over decision of present ruler not to continue multi-million projects paraded too. They complained the new King’s minions also asked them commissions ergo konsumisyon. “Same dog with Different collars” murmured the favored contractors who thought they’re they only ones gifted by God by talents how to build infrastructures in the Kingdom where trumpheter paid hacks were silent as Silence of the Lambs.


And so many in the Kingdom watched the burial of the King under heat of the scorching sun threatened by rain as the clouds go simmer and they saw Priests, Bishops, other Kingdom’s small and big leaders who were silent of the animosities of the King and his minions in the past.


“What else we can do when everyone in this Kingdom is silent?” the Bishop laments.


The Kingdom elected a trumpheter to the Kingdom’s council from the number one trumpheter house who sometimes peddles truth and lies especially if given revenues for them to survive.


The Kingdom elected the trumpheter to the council for change but skills and talent of the trumpeheter not enough to affect change in the Kingdom of No Exchange, No Return.


All he got like his fellow trumpheters in the Kingdom was his loud mouth, boastful and wishful thinking all promises but empty head actually.


And so poisonous drugs, mediocrity, thieves, robbers, criminalities ruled silently the Kingdom, happily ever after.


(What happened next…Abangan please just follow my columns published at The Caraga Times and at