by Ben Serrano

My Mom's Death Anniversary Today November 2. Mommy I miss you and love you Mom

Struggling and suffering from breast cancer. my mother died November 2, 1981, exactly 29 years ago today November 2, 2010. She was buried beside her parents tombs and near the Tavora Family Mausoleum  in Agoo, La union, the birth place and hometown of my mother. My grandmother, Gertrudes Tavora Ladines belonged to Tavora, Mabutas clans who are relatives to the Asprers, Aspiras, the whose who in La Union province in the land of Ilocandia.


But of course, my grandma who was mere piano and voice lesson teacher then were just friend of these richy rich relatives of hers. She served the church as choir conductor and pianist happily every Sunday of her life.


At young age of 45, my mother never seen my six kids. If only she 's alive today she could have taken care of my kids because she is fond of children. At times, when she was teaching piano then, as she was a graduate of Conservatory of Music University of Sto. Tomas in Manila, when confronted with children especially in the homes of the people she was teaching piano, she plays with children after a day's work. She really love seeing children laugh and took care and comfort those who are crying.


My mother served our chapel, Roman Catholic Church of Santiago, Agusan del Norte as Catholic Women's League chapter president for ten years aside from being a wife , piano teacher, secretary and church servant of my father who was then President of the chapel.


Both my parents helped the church together with other willing and helpful parishioners who wanted improvement of the chapel we go every Sunday. From a small wooden chapel and with the leadership of my parents then and some parishioners helped build slowly the church of what it is now.


Unfortunately that efforts of my parents of building the church sometimes from their own pockets (I remember we had to suffer then their children of having no food to eat at the table because the last money of my our parents had to be  paid in the sawn lumbers used in building the church and my parents explained the need of why we had to sacrifice a little).


When my father entered politics to run for Mayor (of which I vehemently opposed because I see politics then at my young age I was nine years old then as MONEY..MONEY MONEY when people flock to our home to ask for money, food as if my father owe them because they said they will vote my father which turned out later they vote for the highest bidder) in our town were never recognized by the chapel leadership until now because of course of the dirty politics in the Philippines.


I knew my father could have served better because of his law background being a community lawyer for decades in our town who served many mostly the poor and oppressed. But voters people were overwhelm by the color of money, I don't where it came from, STOLEN maybe because until now our TOWN is so depressed.


Those in power were only the ones moneyed,


My father's rivals in politics fielded their men and women to run for church officials and because they are moneyed they unseated my father and eventually my mother. That made me happy because at last my parents will now have more time to spend with us their growing kids.


I really love my Mother, Mrs. Natividad Tavora Ladines Serrano. She's not only the shining light and guide post of my life but light at the end of the tunnel.


She died in excruciating pain from breast cancer she never thought come her way. Having no money as we even had to loan our boat fares in going to Manila and I was then 13 years old that time we were really forced to bring her to Veterans Memorial Hospital in Manila where she underwent chemo theraphy treatment. For two years she battled cancer, for two years we suffered too financially as if we almost ended up begging and morally low.


Twenty nine years had passed Mom and the pain still inside me. The pain of growing up at my most crucial time of formative years of my manhood was really difficult. I envy kids who had mothers taking care of their growing kids.But it was also blessing in disguise because leaving us at young age makes me strong and grew up independently. I love and miss you my MOM...I was dreaming of you last night and thank you MOM for without you I may never in this slippery World. I owe you my life next to GOD whom I owe my life and my being is YOU MOM... Your death has never brought me pain at all but inspiration to move that bearing such pain is also design from GOD for he never gave us assignments in life that we can't overcome.


I pray I can overcome all these in my life MOM. Although difficult to serve people as journalist as I never got nothing in return in showing what true and genuine governance should be for twenty nine years or more had past the DIRTY POLITICS is still here with us MOM and even getting worst.


But I am justified MOM as I told you before when I was ten years old then while sitting beside you at the chapel that this Philippine Dirty system of politics will get worst and worst each day..And the worst has yet to come MOM... Thank you GOD FOR HAVING A MOM like NATIVIDAD for she was born December 25, the day of nativity...


(this opinion column appears at Mindanao Weekly Reporter a nationally circulated weekly news magazine where the columnist served as the Managing Editor and facebook account Manassas Benedict Serrano )