CIDG-Caraga agent nabbed for extortion also facing grave threats, illegal discharge, other raps

by Ben Serrano

November 30, 2010


            BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - The CIDG-Caraga civilian agent who was arrested for extortion is now also facing other criminal charges like Grave Threats and Illegal Discharges of firearms, Caraga Police regional information office here officially reports.


            This developed after Manobo Tribal Chieftain Datu Leonardo Tauwon Galbo, 48, married and resident of Barangay Amparo, Butuan City claimed he was shot by the suspect after having heated argument, Luckily,Galbo was not hurt as bullet fired missed him , police report said.


           In his complaint Galbo alleged last November 28 past noon CIDG-Caraga civilian agent Ronald Hemarangan Milflores  alias “Boobie”, 32, who is resident of Purok 2, Barangay Baan, Butuan City towed Galbo's round logs docked at the side of Agusan River on allegations by the suspect  has no DENR papers or documents and therefore illegal.


            Galbo sought the assistance of Amparo Barangay Captain Segundo Cabudlan which prompted the Barangay Captain to approach the CIDG agent but allegedly the CIDG agent instead threatened the Barangay official and Galbo with his gun prompting the two to seek police assistance.


            Responding Butuan City cops, PO3 Robert Capa and PO3 Jonas Cale on board a motorized banca immediately went to the place in the towed logs where the suspect Milflores is located.


 But official police report claimed the suspect immediately fled on board a pump boat and even fired his gun towards the responding PNP personnel. Fortunately he missed his targets.


            Past 3 p.m. of the same day, police operatives from Butuan Cty Police Station 5 (BCPS 5)  headed by Police Inspector Salvador Duncano Cagadas together with Butuan City Public Safety Company launched manhunt operation, which resulted to the arrest of Melflores.


            Suspect is now temporarily detained at BCPS 1 Detention Cell, while appropriate charges are being prepared for inquest proceedings today since yesterday was a holiday.

CIDG-Caraga acting regional chief Police Supt. Richie Posadas admitted that Melflores was their civilian informant/agent but quick to deny the CIDG regional office issued mission order to him to monitor alleged illegal log towing activities along Agusan River.

            Posadas also claimed CIDG has not officially issued firearm to Melflores.

            But Milflores in an earlier investigation alleged his bosses at the CIDG knew about his operations and that he was assigned precisely at the Agsuan River to monitor illegal logging.

            This is not the first time Caraga Tree Farmers towing their planted forest products along Agusan River have been complaining about policemen, alleged NBI and CIDG operatives, PNP Regional Highway Patrol Groups, joint LGU-DENR-NGO operatives manning checkpoints were allegedly asking/extorting cash money from them

            But law enforcers, DENR-LGU-NGO operatives also complained some tree farmers towed their logs along Agusan River or transport them into logging trucks along national highway without proper documentations, thus illegal. (PNA/Ben Serrano)