Parents of SK bets trade barbs of vote buying, selling in Agusan SK polls

by Ben Serrano

      October 25, 2010


            BUENAVISTA, Agusan del Norte (PNA) - Parents of controversial SK bets entwined into alleged hiding or hoarding SK voters have thrown another allegations against each other, their SK bets were allegedly buying votes from willing SK voters who sell votes.


            Buenavista Municipal Councilor Maria Victoria Nakila in an exclusive interview with PNA last night at the family residence here alleged her daughter’s opponents were allegedly buying votes at P1,000 to P1,500 per SK voters in exchange of support or vote.


            Nakila even personally introduced to PNA two of the SK voters who allegedly were attempted to be bought and two SK voters who received P1,000 and P1,500 each. The SK voters were in his house accidentally at the time of the interview.


            The SK voters who begged not to be identified since all of them were aged 15 years old to 17 years old therefore minors confirmed to PNAtruthfulness of the lady councilor’s revelations.


            One of them even told PNA that she had a heated argument with her father, after her father had committed support to opposing SK bet that she is not supporting.


            She revealed her father admitted to her to have received P1,500 cash money from opposing SK bet’s parents on condition that her daughter SK voter will vote for the SK bet who gave the money.


            “Yes sir, nag-away mi sa ako tatay, iya man gud ko pugson pagbotar sa di nako gusto botahan (Yes sir, we had quarrel with my father because he is forcing me to vote to an SK bet which I do not like) “ the SK voter told PNA interview in front of her other SK voters.


            Councilor Nakila said the heated argument between the SK voter and her father happened right inside her house since the SK voter pledged support and is supporting Nakila’s daughter.


            Another SK voter present admitted to PNA she received P1,000 but when asked where the money is by now, the SK voter claimed she already spend it.


            “Naa man gain uban Sir diha ibaligya pa ila boto nakita nako (Others even Sir were selling their votes I even saw it)” the SK voter laments.


            But father of the opponent of the daughter of Councilor Nakila, Engineer Martin Atazan told PNA other parents of SK bets were also in vote buying spree allegedly at P200  pesos per voter.


            “This has been normal (vote buying and selling) practice here in Buenavista and even in almost all places in the country, let us not be hypocrite about it” Engineer Atazan said in a separate interview.


            Councilor Nakila on the other hand denied she and her SK bet daughter were buying votes saying she is Born Again Christian and vote buying is against her religious beliefs.


            It can be recalled that last Friday,  two Buenavista Councilors, Maria Victoria  Nakila and Eduardo Makiling filed before COMELEC Municipal Office disqualification case against SK Chair bet son of Engineer Atazan fro alleged hiding or hoarding some 40 SK voters in Barangay Poblacion 2 this town. 

            SK bet for Barangay Poblacion 2 Ximatrix Atazan, 17 and his father, Engineer Atazan denied hoarding or hiding charges saying the voters voluntarily joined them and parents even signed consent. (PNA/Ben Serrano)