38 year old Man in Agusan hangs self to death after live in partner left him

by Ben Serrano

October 29, 2010


            Santiago, Agusan del Norte- A 38 year old man was found dead hanging inside his home Thursday morning after his common law wife left him, report from Santiago Municipal Police office here said.


Police identified the victim as Rolly Morgado Cebrian, 38, single and resident of Zone 2, Barangay Poblacion 2, Santiago, Agusan del Norte.


The victim’s aunt, Mrs. Margie Cebrian Bersabal who was shocked upon seeing his nephew already hanging head inside the victim’s home reported immediately the incident to the police.


According to neighbors they saw the victim jogging outside his home and arund neighborhood early dawn Thursday, at around 6:20 a.m. he was found dead hanging inside his home.


Initial police investigation results showed the victim uses nylon cord ne tied around his neck and hanged himself at the wooden center beam of his house while he was alone.


Police report said two weeks ago his live in partner they failed to identify left him.


Police said he was seen then by neighbors walking in the streets alone carrying sharp pointed bolo as if searching for something.


Santiago Police said they are investigating the suicide incident.


Cebrian was the fifth suspected suicide incident victim in the region this year.