P240-T cash carted away by robbers in latest Butuan gas station robbery; Security Guard shot dead 

Robbers shot dead Butuan Petron Gas station security guard; P240-T cash carted away

By Ben Serrano

      April 12, 2011


            BUTUAN CITY (PNA) - A security guard of a Butuan City Petron gasoline station was shot dead by suspected robbers past 2 .a.m. early dawn Sunday after said helpless security guard tried to fight it out with suspected robbers who hogtied another security guard inside comfort room.


            Police said the undetermined number of robbers who used single motorcycles as their getaway vehicles managed to open the gasoline station cashier’s office where a cash steel vault was located containing some P240,000 cash representing sales.


            Report from Butuan City Police Office identified the casualty victim as Richard Umas-as Anggo, a member ofLifeguard Security Agency detailed at said Petron Gasoline Station owned by trader couple Mrs. and Mrs. Dionisio Monroid of Butuan City.


            Another security guard who is detailed at nearby business establishment identified as Bernardino Diez Cantiveros, 53, married and a resident of Purok 1, Barangay Bading, Butuan City.


 Cantiveros is a security guard of Sapphire Security Agency and detailed at Desmark Trading which is located near the gas station.


It was not reported why Cantiveros were at Petron Gas station at the time of the robbery incident.


Initial police investigation revealed, the robbers armed with .45 caliber and .38 caliber pistols arrived in the gas station and at gunpoint hogtied security guard Bernardino Diez Cantiveros then whisked him off inside comfort room where Petron security guard Anggo was sleeping.


Anggo wakes up due to the commotion but when Anggo tried to pull his shotgun, one of the suspects shot him pointblank which resulted to his death.


At 5:00 o’ clock in the morning same day, Pedro Pagulong Magpatoc, 32, married, resident of Purok 8,, Barangay Ong Yiu, Butuan City and pump boy of said gasoline station, reported for work.


He was shocked to discover the two (2) security guards, one was hogtied and the other one was already dead inside the comfort room.


Magpatoc immediately informed the owners of the gasoline station who in turn reported the incident to the police.


SOCO 13 was requested to process the crime scene and recovered the following: one (1) improvised steel bar allegedly used in destroying the door lock; two (2) cartridges of .38 caliber revolver; two (2) deformed slug; and one (1) unused ammunition from .45 cal pistol.


Butuan City Police Station 2 and Butuan City Police Central Station are now conducting follow-up investigation for possible identification and apprehension of the suspects, the official police report claimed.

This is not the first time a gas station here in Butuan City was robbed or ransacked and Petron gas station robbery was the fourth in a row for March and April alone.

This developed as robbery cases in the city have risen in recent weeks(PNA/Serrano)

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