Let me share what I discussed in threads at Facebook as I campaign for jury.

Here it is:


Hello Serge, 

Thank you for butting in. Your thoughts will never be left out in our board room 
discussions as we find out how we can go about these concerns. Your fears are 
the fears of others, too, who, I see, they love jury system, too, but that they 
are just doubting on the capability of their fellow Filipinos.

We who are advocates of jury are of the opinion that those fears are but fears 
because the Filipinos, except those who have gone to countries where jury system 
is the scheme and have proven their capabilities to serve as jurors, have not 
yet been tested to this.

Only the actual application can tell us. And when applied we can rest in 
comfort that these will be remedied as we go along the way.

As to the expense aspect, I have already computed that it will not exceed P60 
billion a year for the entire operation. Our corruption every year is at least 
20% of the national budget (conservative, they say). Our present budget is P1.6 
trillion. Taking 20% of it is P320 billion. If we can save 25% that is P80 
billion, we still succeed. 

Actually, the P60 billion budget is more than twice the entire Judiciary 
proposed for 2011. This means that my estimate computation is reasonable to 
answer for all the expenses, including contingencies that may arise 

The budget proposed by the Judiciary for all courts was only P26.375 billion for 
one year. But only half of this was approved, Please see this link:

Now, it boils down into this: The fears are just opinion as what was expressed 
in apprehension about the computerized election in May 2010 and our assertion 
that the Filipino can is a mere positive opinion.

If we factor in our strong belief it will help.

If we now consider the fact that we will set aside at least P5 billion in 
advertisements and manuals for jury education campaign to ensure weekly 
television advertisements, 10 advertisement spots daily in all radio stations, 
and others in all community newspapers, I further believe: THE FILIPINO CAN.

Please give jury system a chance.


Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing


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