By Councilor Apple Marie Agolong

Former pop star, writes and sings Palaro Hym voluntarily

People in Dipolog, people in Dapitan, people in Zanorte, even Filipinos in the United States are all rooting for a successful staging of the 2011 Palarong Pambansa this coming May 8-14 here.

Each and every one of us are doing our own small way to make way for staging “the best Palaro ever” – police officers, motorcab drivers, waiters, bus drivers, teachers, small time entrepreneurs, journalists, all of us, we are all one in this campaign.

This is even all too evident in the social network page of Facebook, specifically for one native of Pagadian City, who now resides in the United States. Former Filipino popstar but is now currently a dance and a soul R&B producer in the US, Archimedes Dairocas, wrote, arranged and produced a song, and even sang the Palaro Song and uploaded such to Facebook and Youtube.

“To think that the song was made voluntarily by Archie D, the promotion it provides, this is a tribute to all the people of Zanorte, of Mindanao. Considering that we were really ought to move heaven and earth just to have the Palaro here in Dapitan City, it is so fulfilling that a man from Pagadian who now lives in the US found it in his heart to tap his musical talent and help his country by promoting Palaro. As the chair of the Committee on Promotions, I’m very thankful,” Dapitan City Councilor Apple Marie Agolong said.

The Palarong Pambansa 2011 song by Archie D. can be seen through Facebook or Youtube in this address, .

According to Archie D. himself, he was asked by the people of Pagadian City to write a song for the Palarong Pambansa a good three months after his two-day concert there in September of last year.

“They said to me that my contribution to region 9 would be great since I'm not only writing for Dapitan City but I'm also writing for our national hero, Jose Rizal. I had three attempts to write the tune. First in my car while I'm driving to work but I just couldn't get the inspiration until I hummed the first line with the initial lyrics, ‘kung si Jose Rizal ngayo’y nanonood’ as I was recalling his famous quote, "ang hindi lilingon sa pinanggalingan......" The song halted again at the prelude because the song needed a build-up as the main part of the medley. I then turned to my girlfriend Daisy for ideas in the lyrics as I raised the questions to her like how will I present a sports lyrics for a Palarong Pambansa. I was surprised that in few minutes she gave me three paragraphs of sports hinted lyrics! These turned out as the refrain and chorus of this song,” Archie D bared.

Archie D., dubbed in the early 90s as the Rick Astley of Filipino music, owns his own production company, Cool Music Productions in New York City. He left his work in the Philippine Airlines and his then budding Pop Music Career in 1992 after the release of his song and now classic single "Mahal na Mahal" to go to the US.

He was also able to visit Dipolog City for a concert in 1991 right after his release of his Vicor Recording album.

With the release of the Palarong Pambansa 2011 song, Archie D is hoping that this piece will ultimately promote not just the Palaro, but also promote the island of Mindanao as a tourist vacation spot.

“Dapitan City will be a sport city icon after this staging of the Palaro. It is so important that we raise the bar a notch or two for people who live there and the residents who are working overseas to be proud of themselves. We have to build a name for ourselves and link it to our cities of origin. For example, Pacquiao from General Santos or Archie D from Pagadian City or Charice from Laguna,” Archie D. said.

However, when asked of the evidently missing name of name of Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy in the “shout out” in the middle of the song, Archie D would explain, “when I was knocking doors in Dipolog City, it seems that I was not convincing people to hear my songs. Then, I contacted people from my Facebook circle of friends who are from Dapitan City, Rowena Garanas, who fed me the names of the people like Rafael Rudas which then led me to Councilor Apple Agolong. I was knocking on the doors of Romeo Jalosjos and Walter Albos because their names were in the news when I googled. I agree, there are so many people to make this song a tribute to and Evelyn UY is one of them. It's not too late, I own the recording studio myself and the one minute jingle can be distributed to all radio stations and the office of Mayor Uy can facilitate it if she wants,” Archie D related.

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