CHICAGO (jGLi) – Manny Pacquiao's latest and perhaps his greatest triumph over Mexican champion Antonio Margarito had just shown that he has nothing to prove anymore.

The Filipino wonder should now start listening seriously to his mother, Dionisia, that he hangs up his glove. This has been my stand several columns ago.

In fact, I agree with a disinterested observer, Roger F. Maslon, a French-born Polish American, who is not a boxing devotee.

Mr. Maslon told me that it would take only an "unlucky" wicked punch to knock Manny out of his wits. He will be lucky if he ends up in a hospital, if not a cemetery.

Manny should now give up thoughts of luring unbeaten Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in a mouth-watering bout back into the ring. He already snared all those eight world titles. What more title does he want? He has already his millions that he will not be able to count and spend for life.




Manny had already agreed to all the terms laid down by the Grand Rapids, Michigan blabbermouth, including the Olympic-style steroid test, but Floyd "The Avoid" Mayweather always comes up with an excuse, including delaying his decision so that Manny would be forced to scout for any opponent that could wear Manny down.

Floyd hopes that with the law of average, Manny could finally meet a match that could impair him. And Floyd "The Rusty” Mayweather gets the credit of finishing Manny off.

Floyd, however, never figures out that Manny is turning out to be like wine. The more Manny tarries in the ring, the more Manny gets sharper and the more deadly against his opponents.




Even his trainer, Freddie Roach, is now resigned to the cold reality that Floyd should ship out and retire if he does not stop teasing Manny back in the ring. 

Manny should remember that Floyd would never run out of excuses.

Like Michael Jordan, Manny should leave the ring while he is on top of his game. He should remember that somebody could throw a rock in his glass house.

Let's face it, sooner or later, Manny is going to find his match. But why wait for that time when he could lose, and lose big, as in career-ending injury.

I believe by winning his eighth linear boxing title, Manny has set a standard so high; perhaps, nobody can reach his plateau anymore. Not in a lifetime. Or a couple of lifetimes. Or, perhaps, not ever.

And why even give Mr. Mayweather the benefit of landing that vicious knockout punch that could send him to permanent retirement? Conversely, I know it is not far fetched either that Manny could easily tarnish Floyd's perfect record. But why ever hope for a fight that will never happen?




Floyd is scared of Manny, no doubt. And he is more scared because there is a big chance that Manny can deal him his first loss.

And whether Manny beats or loses to Floyd, it will not blemish Manny's greatness. His legacy in boxing is secure.

And Manny's winning streak has also become a source of frustrations to fans who make some money on the side.

His many Filipino fans, who would like to place friendly bets against Mexican fans, are running out of bettors.

Many Mexican fans have even turned against their own countryman Margarito to bet for Pacquiao.

My nephew-in-law, Polo Estrada, a Puerto Rican American who used to find bettors against Manny, has noticed that bettors against Manny had dried up. "It seems everybody is now in Manny's corner. And I really cannot blame them," Polo sighed in frustration.

Even cynics, who hate the guts of Manny and his success story, are now warming up to Manny’s corner and are becoming his latter-day believers.

If Manny keeps on being magnanimous in his every victory, he could be attracting more fans unheard off before.




Manny should realize that according to the Bible, there is time for everything.

If he quits now the brutal sport and start to count his blessings, it will still certainly be a direction moving forward for him, his family and fans around the world.

Manny should realize that he is just a swing away from risking brain injury or death.

Manny can just look up to the injury that has taken a toll on the "greatest" Muhammad Ali, whose Parkinson's disease had slurred his speech and impaired his movement.

How can Manny deliver his privilege speech in Congress if he stutters? How can he keep on singing in his concerts, make endorsements, appear and act on TV's and movies, play basketball or billiard if he has impairment in his movements?

What if he faces an opponent like Mike Tyson who would bit off part of his ear out of envy?

In his profession, Manny could also risk not only disability but also fatal injury.

In 1982, South Korean boxer Kim Duk-gu (Duk Koo Kim) died after getting punishing blows leading to his knocked out by Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini in a championship fight.

Thankfully, this did not happen to Margarito despite the blows Manny rained on Margarito.

Ever since Kim Duk-gu's death, there have been 30 other boxers, who died after the fight.

And I hate to see this tragedy happen to anybody, more so with Manny. (lariosa_jos@sbcglobal.net)