Dear Fellow Jury Advocates and All Filipinos,

The story in the web site below tells us all how corrupt and "invincible" the government grafters are in the Philippines. With the current Philippine (In)Justice System, there is no way crimes of corruption can ever be solved.  Those who pretend to solve the problem are, in fact, the same masterminds of the crimes.
The only way to solve the humongous graft and corruption is to let the Filipino people, you and me, rise up and unleash our constitutional power, against the entire government all over the country.  Of course, we have no armory and ammunition on our own to physically fight the government.

The only "armory" we have is Article II, Section 1, of the Philippine Constitution. We, the Filipino people, can fight this government menace peacefully and without shedding millions of gallons of blood if we will make use of this constitutional declaration about the sovereignty of the people and their number by creating the Grand Jury and Trial Jury systems.

Kindly read the up-dated version of the following web site.  It is there where we will all find the peaceful solution, and its reasons, to substantially minimize government graft and corruption in the Philippines and prevent the demise of our country into the hands of government monsters of corruption:

Marlowe in California

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