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            November 22, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam:

P-Noy has declared November 23rd a National Day of Remembrance to commemorate the Maguindanao Massacre tragedy.  It is fitting to do this every year for as long as justice has not been accorded to every victim and punishment meted all the perpetrators of the gruesome crime.  This can also serve as constant reminder of the evil that characterized the Arroyo administration.

With the recent discovery of more firearms and ammunition (including 500,000 rounds of armalite bullets and special weapons donated by the U.S.) issued by the DND to the Ampatuans, the Arroyo administration is inextricably answerable for this tragedy; but to this date the criminals in the DND and AFP of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have not been identified and their counterparts in the incoming P-Noy administration are clueless, seemingly lost in the woods unable to find their bearings.  What a tragedy if P-Noy will year after year, until the end of his term, be wringing his hands in mock frustration as he signs proclamations for this National Day of Remembrance.  There are speculations that the trial of this case may last more than seven years.     


Very truly yours,