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            December 1, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam:

Latest reports are that P-Noy is reluctant to certify the Freedom of Information Bill.  This is unfortunate because this will accelerate the souring of P-Noy’s rapport with media.  This development is surprising because transparency in the conduct of government affairs was his declared passion during the last presidential campaign.  This change of heart of P-Noy could have been brought about by media’s harsh commentaries on the persons or on the performance of his appointees.  If P-Noy is sincere in his declaration that he will brook no malfeasance nor inefficiency in his administration, a licentious media would be of greater benefit to him in policing the performance of the bureaucrats he has installed in office than a tolerant and chummy one.

True, there are those, instigated by his political detractors, whose consuming desire is to discredit his administration; but there are more whose genuine concern is to see an improvement in the quality of public service than the people has had the tragic experience of bearing with the last decade, and they are impatient having pinned so much hope in him to carry out reforms.  Surely, he must have the humility to admit that he could not have made the perfect choice the first time he constituted his official family.  Pressure from the media community would spare him the unwholesome duty of having to take the initiative of ejecting the garbage he has inadvertently taken along.

P-Noy cannot afford to give the slightest hint that he may be vacillating in his resolve to purge the bureaucracy of misfits.  His creation of the “Truth Commission” has cast some cloud of doubt on the sincerity of his campaign promise to bear down on the rakes of GMA’s administration; reluctance to equip media with a most potent weapon to police the bureaucracy during his term is another step backward.           


Very truly yours,