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            December 2, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam:

Pacman is quintessentially PINOY.  Coming from the poorest among our people, he has attained unprecedented heights of fame and glory, let alone great fortune.  Armed with true grit, unique skills and uncommon physical courage, he has carved a niche for himself in the sports arena that will not be equaled for a long time.  That he has taken this singular achievement with humility and grace, albeit with justifiable pride, makes him worthy example and inspiration to our youth of humble origin.  In his world of boxing, there are no more peaks to climb.  The risk of injury in prolonging his career in the ring is not worth taking.  Hopefully, he will heed the advice of those who truly care for him.

Still young, in possession of great wealth and enjoying tremendous public acclaim, the world is wide open to him for opportunities of great service to others.  There will be lures to dubious undertakings which hopefully he will have the wisdom to discern and flee from.  Godspeed , Pacman.


Very truly yours,