Dear Colleagues in Rotary and Friends:

The southern City of Surigao together with Butuan City and other towns and cities of Agusan were recently inundated with incessant rains, typhoons, floods and land slides.  Truth is Butuan is still under flood water up to now.  Residents were relocated in both areas into relocation centers.  Since I can't do as much without some support from Rotarian friends, I sent them a message for donations and I would like to thank the early few who responded to my call:

PP Ceasar Genato 
PP Lilian Cruz
PP Jonathan Teng
PP Joe Sevilla
PP Rex Raz

Received were 2nd hand wearable decent clothes, candles, t shirts, and PP Czar and PP Rex promised to partially subsidize the shipping expense. Drinking water is also a problem, but too heavy and expensive to ship,

Many thanks to you my friends and hope that ALL of you will  continually be blessed in your endeavors and helping my native home province in Surigao.

PP Blyth Fielding

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