Balitang Kutsero

By Perry Diaz   

“Hello, Garcia”


My investigative reporter James Macaquecquec reported that a new wiretapped conversation -- similar to the “Hello, Garci” tapes a few years ago -- surfaced in Manila recently.  James sent me a copy of the tape.   


The conversation goes like this:

Garcia: Hello, Garcia here.


Caller: Hello, Garcia. 


Garcia: Who is calling?


Caller:  I won’t mention my name cuz somebody might be recording this conversation. But you should recognize my voice by now.


Garcia: Of course!  I recognize your voice, ma’am.  How can I forget your voice?  It’s one of a kind.  He he he… You’re the same person who called “Garci” a few years ago, right?


Caller:  That’s right, Garcia.


Garcia:  How can I help you, ma’am?


Caller:  Well, I’m concerned that I might be dragged into the Senate investigation on the “pasalubong” and “pabaon” scandal involving my chiefs of staff during my presidency.


Garcia:  It looks like you’re going to be investigated ma’am cuz Angie – may he rest in peace -- sent a letter to Sen. Trillanes, through an emissary, asking him if he knew who was the “powerful person” who was protecting me.


Caller: Did Trillanes say who was protecting you?


Garcia: No, ma’am.  All he said was it was probably somebody in Malacanang – which means… you!   


Caller: That’s very bad.  Now, tell me, if the senators ask you who was protecting you, are you going to rat on me?


Garcia:  Well, ma’am.  I won’t rat on you if you’d give me a ‘pabaon’ cuz you got the lion’s share from the ‘slush funds,’ right?


Caller:  Look, I’ve been your loyal friend and protector, Garcia.  Is this how you’re going to repay me?


Garcia:  But ma’am, you should be the one to repay me for being your “laundry man.  


Caller:  Okay, okay, if you’ll keep quiet, I’ll give you 10% of my take.  Which Swiss bank account would you like it wired to?


Garcia:  That’s fine with me ma’am but I want to make sure I won’t be short changed like you did to the other generals.  How much exactly is 10%?


Caller:  Well, let me think… 10% of P2 billion… is P200 million.  Yes, I’ll wire P200 million to your Swiss bank account as soon as you sign an affidavit absolving me of any involvement in the “slush funds.”


Garcia:  Affidavit?  Well, that would cost you another 5%, ma’am.


Caller:  You’re greedy, Charlie!  Buwaya kang talaga! 


Garcia: Charlie?  I am not Charlie, ma’am.


Caller: Huh? Aren’t you retired Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia who is being investigated by the Senate on his plea bargaining agreement with the Ombudsman?


Garcia: No, ma’am, I am not Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia.  I am Special Agent Jose Garcia of the National Bureau of Investigation. I’m assigned to investigate your alleged role as the “powerful person” behind Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia.


Caller:  I’m going to deny that this conversation took place! Ha ha ha…


Garcia: Ma’am, our conversation is being taped right now and is also being broadcast live in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee currently investigating corruption in the military.


Caller: I don’t believe it.  You’re bluffing!


Garcia: No, ma’am, I’m not bluffing.  Here… listen to the senators.


Sen. Defensor-Santiago: Hello, Gloria.  This is your old friend, Miriam.  I heard everything you told Special Agent Garcia. 


Sen. Ponce-Enrile:  Hello, Gloria.  This is your old mentor, Johnny.  Sorry, I can’t help you this time. Looks like you’re toast!


Sen. Estrada: Hello, Gloria.  This is Jinggoy Estrada, son of President Joseph Estrada whom you ousted in 2001.  What goes around comes around.  Ha ha ha…


Sen. Trillanes: Hello, Gloria.  This is Sonny Trillanes, your former political prisoner.  Gotcha!  May you rest in pieces.  He he he…


Caller:  You’re all wrong! This is not Gloria!  Mga walang hiya kayong lahat!


The caller then hung up.




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