Ever-living God of humanity,

Source of our life and the fountain of our hope

We come before you,

Please hear us.

We pray for our Filipino workers

Who left our country in search for greener pastures,

Guide their steps as they travel from their places of refuge to their workplaces

And wherever they go;

Lead them always to the right path,

Keep them from any danger,

From any natural calamities,

And all kind of sicknesses.

We especially pray for those who are in

War-torn areas and places of conflict,

Those who are in jail,

Those who are hiding,

And those who have problems with their employment.

Keep them safe and secure, O Lord.

May their friends and support-system stand by their side.

May our government officials attend to their needs as soon as possible.

And may their family back in the Philippines be constantly assured that

A bright future is still very much ahead of them.

Above all, remind us all dear God

That we cannot do everything in our own power.

May our faith be always alive,

Our hope always burning,

And our love be always chaste.

And as our OFWs continue their day-to-day struggle,

Bless their sacrifices with success and graces.

So that one day

They will be re-united with their family.


Source: The Little Priest Website

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