Reaction: problem with Phl justice



            LIFE’S INSPIRATION: “…(you) must not break faith with the wife of your youth. For I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel…” (Malachi 2:15-16, the Holy Bible).




REACTION TO COLUMN ON QC DECISION: An advocate pushing for the jury system of trial in the Philippines sent this to me through e-mail, in reaction to our item on the decision of the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 43, against me: “It's a no brainer.......that there is some collusion/bribery going on, and that’s the problem with Phl justice.


If the Phl have (sic) a jury system, both sides can battle any case based on the law, law of evidence/s, and whoever has the most compelling argument, wins the case.  All the judge has to do is give jury instruction that covers the law violated and the correct remedy for the injured party (Rick Bernabe,”




LEGAL JUSTIFICATION FOR AFP MONTHLY ALLOWANCES: The Inquirer interview with a retired AFP chief of staff under former President Arroyo,  conducted by veteran political affairs reporter Christian V. Esguerra, could constitute a legal justification for giving millions of pesos in “monthly allowances” to any AFP chief, thereby giving a lie to claims of plunder and corruption by Lt. Col. George Rabuza.


Indeed, with the awesome responsibilities of a chief of staff, which are not unlike the awesome responsibilities of a President of the Philippines, where would the chief get the money to function effectively? The President has his funds coming from the PAGCOR and the PCSO, but the AFP chief does not have that.




            GOD HATES DIVORCE: The decision of Mons Romulo Tantoco to seek the annulment of her 21-year old marriage with Sander Tantoco should remind each and every husband everywhere that no matter how happy they may become in finding new relationships, God does not want husbands to separate from the wife of their youth, and for them to sire illegitimate children.


            The Holy Bible, in its Malachi 2:15-16, says God makes the husband and wife as one, because He requires godly, not illegitimate, children.




            EDSA BOMB BLAST DIRECTED AT PNOY: The theory that a Mindanao politician, wanted by the authorities for allegedly instigating the bombing of a government building years ago to kill his rival, also masterminded the EDSA bomb blast last week to seek a leverage with the Aquino government, is standing on thin ice.


            First, there is no way the Aquino government will ever strike a deal with him, just to free him from his involvement in the bombing that resulted in the death of his rival, with five people also ending up dead in the EDSA caper.


            Second, bombing a bus on a busy Makati City street does not show a desire to patch things up. Third, the recent EDSA bomb blast is more of a destabilization move, intended to weaken the people’s trust in President Aquino, no more, no less.