There is an ongoing signature campaign to save Palawan from the negative effects of the proposed minings of  some multi-national companies.

Palawan's underground river is considered as the 7th wonder of the modern world and this shall be greatly affected. The "Save Palawan Group" is raising 10million signatures,which can be done on-line,to send the government a message that we,the ordinary citizens of the Philippines are against this proposed minings in any form.

Kindly visit the website    .To date..there are only 12,000 who have signed to save Palawan ..the fate of our Palawan is only one-click away..Thank You!

    "The Sigma Rho is a force. A campus force. And a National force. 

    "For this reason, it must never exist aimlessly. Neither must it exist for petty, narrow and selfish reasons. Nor must it exist as an instrument to further the selfish ambitions of glory-seeking individuals. Or as a tool of parvenuism of glamor-seeking upstarts."

    To subscribe, please have a registered e-group member send your e-mail address to Please do not e-mail using an unregistered e-mail address. This is to facilitate confirmation of your identity.

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