14 suspected serial rapists rapped for gang-rape of 2 women in Nueva Ecija
By Jason de Asis

SCIENCE CITY OF MUÑOZ, Nueva Ecija, December 10, 2010–Fourteen people were charged before the City Prosecutor’s Office here for the gang-rape of two women in six separate incidents in this city.

Charged with 40 counts of rape in two separate informations filed with the City Prosecutor’s Office by the National Bureau of Investigation were Leo Polintan, Rolando Gomez, Crisanto Gomez, Tanjon Natividad, Raymund Laforteza, Jay-jay Siervo, Arvin Mallari, Kevin Casillian, Danhill Amel, Michael Cacabilos, Reden Cuya, Aljon Baniqued, Nano Luces and Jerick Natividad, all of Libis, Poblacion West,this city.

Norman Taloza, agent-in-charge of the NBI Cabanatuan Office, said that the information against the 14 were in connection with two separate complaints for rape and violations of Republic Act 7610, also known as the Special Protection for Children against Abuse, Discrimination and Exploitation Act committed last February 14, June 1, July 5, August 6 and twice on August 13, respectively.

In the first case, the mother of a 14-year-old minor tagged Mallari, Casillian, Amel, Cacabilos, Cuya, Baniqued, Polintan, Laforteza, Laluces, Crisanto and Rolando Gomez and Erick and Tanjon Natividad.

Investigation conducted by the NBI showed that at around 7 pm last February 14,Mallari asked the victim to accompany him to Barangay Catalanacan aboard his motorcycle. Being her friend, the victim went with Mallari.

Upon reaching the place, Mallari offered the victim something to drink and when she drank it, she felt dazed and lost consciousness.

When she woke up, the victim was shocked to see herself completely naked inside a room. She also felt severe pain in her private parts and in her body.

Although still dizzy, the victim stood up to leave the room when Mallari arrived. She begged Mallari to bring her home but the suspect warned her not to tell the incident to anyone or she and her mother would be killed. Afraid of the threats, the victim kept the incident to herself.         

On June 1, the victim was walking on her way home when Casillian blocked her path and grabbed her by the arm. Casillian then told her he knew what happened to her and Mallari and threatened to expose it if she refused to come along.

Fearing her mom would know about the incident, she was forced to with Casillian who brought her to the house of Crisanto Gomez and once inside, Rolando Gomez and Cuya dragged her in a room where she was stripped naked and took turns raping her.

Afterwards, the three released her but warned her not she would be killed if she told anyone about the rape.

In the evening of July 5, at around 6 pm, the victim was again raped by Jerick Natividad and at the house of a certain Bonog by Amel, Laluces and Laforteza.

On August 6, Cacabilos and Baniqued raped her in the house of Crisanto Gomez and on August 13, Gomez, Polintan and Tanjon Natividad took turns molesting her in the hut of a certain Ronnel Lapaz.

Traumatized by the incidents, the victim finally related her experience to her mom who sought the help of the NBI. A medical examination revealed that the victim suffered lacerations in her private parts and showed indications she was raped.

In the second case, the mother of the 18-year-old victim, a friend of the first victim, named Politan, Tanjon Natividad, Laforteza, Siervo and the two Gomezes of raping her on August 13.

In the complaint, the second victim said she and the first victim were walking along the road in Poblacion West at around 7 pm last August 13 when the six blocked their way. Natividad told the two that if they won’t go with them, they would spread a sex video allegedly showing the second victim having sex with one of their friends.

The second victim was then dragged in a hut owned by a certain Arsenio Baniqued where they took turns raping her. She was later freed but was threatened she would be killed if she would report the incident to authorities.

The second victim related the incident to her mom who filed the complaint before the NBI. The second victim’s private parts were also found positive for lacerations and of being sexually abused. (Jason de Asis)