Gov. Angara-Castillo lauded professional gun shooters in Central Luzon

By Jason de Asis


BALER, Aurora, February 13, 2011-Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo lauded the groups of professional gun club shooters here in Central Luzon for their continuous support to the practical shooters of Aurora which ended yesterday, saying that it was important to be responsible in gun ownership where the group can help protect themselves, family and be prepared for security measures in their respective community.


She urged the gun holder contestants in the recent 6th Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo Cup here at Camp Victor Ravina shooting range to encourage others to join the competition and experience the excitement of the sports.


Relative to this, Architect Dexter Tolentino, Aurora Practical Shooters Association, Inc. (APSA) President and Camp Ravina Practical Shooters Club President Amado de Luna said that the events were participated in by their groups: Travellers of Nueva Ecija Shooters Association (TANESA) and Nueva Ecija Practical Shooters Association (NEPSA), explaining that each participant consumed 107 to 150 rounds of ammunitions in the five stages set by the organizers.


To win the game the contestants should perform the fastest time speed limit combined with accuracy and power in hitting the marks or the round plates in each stage.


TONESA president Judge Trece Wenceslao said that shooters in  central luzon started in Nueva Ecija which was founded by former Sec. Jun Ebdane who is now the Governor of Zambales. Aurora is the youngest in the region which started in 1996 during the time of PNP General Orlando Madella who was then the Provincial Director of the province.


He mentioned Mr. Neddy Mangahas, a native of Nueva Ecija who is now famous in the field of shoot fest competition and a member of the Philippine delegation joining in the international competition in the different parts of the world.


Back to Angara-Castillo, the governor said that her office is willing to extend support to the group in shooting competition and tourism in order to have Aurorans who can also compete in the national and international shoot fest competitions. (Jason de Asis)


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