Tarlac solon urges for immediate approval of her bill banning the use of cellphones while driving

By Jason de Asis


TARLAC CITY, February 15, 2011-Tarlac 2nd district representative Susan Yap is urging her comrades in the House of Representatives for the immediate approval of her bill which seeks to impose stiffer penalties against motorists who are caught using their cellular phones while driving.


“House Bill No. 318 will treat the practice a dangerous habit as a criminal act,” Yap said, saying that the under proposed measure, drivers will be pulled over by traffic enforcers if caught calling or texting while driving, adding that it imposes a fine ranging from P3,000 to P10,000 or imprisonment of not more than one year.


Yap said that the alarming figures on cell phone-related accidents have transformed this technological gadget into a dangerous device although it is an integral part of the business and personal lives.


The Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) revealed that the number of cellphone related accidents drastically increased from 70 cases in 2008 to 491 in 2009.


“Although the State recognizes the vital role of communication and information in nation-building, it puts premium on the life and safety of the citizens by regulating the use of communication gadgets,” Yap said, adding that the bill is still pending in the Committee on Transportation. (Jason de Asis)


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