Bulacan pledged DOH’s campaign versus leprosy

By Jason de Asis


MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan, February 20, 2011-In a recent observance of Leprosy Prevention of Leprosy Prevention and Control week last February 14 to 18, the Bulacan provincial government pledged support to the Department of Health’s (DOH) campaign which aimed for Leprosy-Free Philippines.


Bulacan Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado has ordered a wider information dissemination campaign to inform the Bulakenyos of the disease’s symptoms, prevention and treatment where the Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) recorded that there are 13 Persons afflicted with Leprosy (PWL) at present and are undergoing medications.


Alvarado said that other Bulakenyos suffering from leprosy should be identified in order that the Bulacan government can immediately help them for treatment at the soonest time possible, adding that there are free medications from DOH for this illness, the affected individuals can also ask for medicines from the nearest health centers.


The Leprosy which is known as Hansen's disease is a chronic, mildly communicable disease caused by infection from “mycobacterium leprae”, a rod-shaped, acid-fast bacillus which primarily affects the skin, the mucous membranes, especially those in the nose and the peripheral nervous system, adding that the mode of transmission of the disease is airborne, where a person can inhale droplets or spray from coughing and sneezing of untreated cases.


The signs and symptoms of a persons with Leprosy (PWL) has a long standing skin lesions that do not disappear with ordinary treatment, loss of feeling or numbness on the skin, loss of sweating and hair growth over the skin lesions, and thickened and painful nerves in the neck, forearm, near elbow joint, and the back of knees.


DOH said that once diagnosed early, the patients are put under treatment with Multiple Drug Therapy (MDT) have big chance of healing and leprosy bacilli-causing disease maybe controlled through treatment of all leprosy cases to prevent spread of infection, practice of personal hygiene and healthful living, clean environment, enough rest and exercise and avoid contact with PWL, among others, saying that leprosy should not be taken lightly because it creates a high physical and social toll, resulting to deformity and disability of the patient if left untreated. (Jason de Asis)

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