Angara lauded Manila police and volunteers in celebration of the Black Nazarene

By Jason de Asis


SENATE OFFICE, Manila, January 11, 2011-“The success of the yearly march of devotees in celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene or the Quiapo day became peaceful due to the help of the deployed Manila police force and some hundred volunteers,” Senator Edgardo J. Angara said, adding that it was attended by millions of followers whopping from 2 to 7 million people who went barefoot to take part of the procession.


Angara said that the procession is a testament to the strength of devotion of Filipinos and more amazing how such a huge number of devotees were able to gather in a small area without any major incident where he believes that it is because of the jobs well done by volunteers and the members of the police.


Compared last year, the Feast of the Black Nazarene is one of the longest processions which lasted between 13 to 15 hours and the volunteer emergency medical teams have reported not more than 600 injuries and zero death.


This is another year before the million strong devotees of the most intense religious ceremonies of the Catholic churches.


To enhance the state’s primary training institution for firemen, jail guards and members of the police force, Angara authored Senate Bill No. 2618 or the Philippine Public Safety College System Act to keep  order, to enforce the law and to protect the citizenry in  ensuring their welfare. He asserted that to handle the increasing demands of their positions, it is the state’s responsibility to ensure that the law enforcer will get the proper training and continuing education.


The Philippine Public Safety College System act is now pending in the Public Order and dangerous Drugs Committee. (Jason de Asis)