Sen. Angara sister backs GMA’s bill Anti-Sea Dumping Act

By Jason de Asis


BALER, Aurora, January 30, 2011-Aurora Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, sister of Sen. Edgardo J. Angara manifested full support to the bill of former President now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s (GMA) House Bill 1579 that will impose harsher penalties on dumping of wastes into the sea, streams and rivers or commonly known as the Anti-Sea Dumping Act filed by GMA and her son Camarines Sur Rep. Dato Arroyo.


The Arroyos noted that despite growing environmental awareness and efforts to curb and adapt to the effects of climate change, much is yet to be done, as mankind has destroyed in just a few centuries what it took mother nature millions of years  to create in filing the bill, saying that the wanton destruction of earth’s natural environment has led to the extinction of much of the planet’s flora and fauna, and has brought about imbalance in the food chain.


They added that the country’s seas and oceans, which are two of the main sources of food, are slowly losing their once flourishing biodiversity, slowly causing scarcity, which affects not only consumers, but also fishermen and fisher folks who largely depend on their daily catch for living.


“One specific threat to the open waters is garbage which created island-like patches such as the Great Pacific Ocean Gyre which causes death to sea creatures through countless ways like ingestion, entanglement and poisoning,” Mrs. Arroyo cited.


Angara-Castillo said that the bill will be beneficial in areas considered as rich marine sanctuaries, including Aurora which boasts of one of the longest, if not the longest coastlines in the country stressing that the bill will be a preventive measure to protect and shield Aurora’s coastlines but indiscriminate dumping of wastes.


“As a province directly facing the Pacific Ocean and where thousands of residents are dependent on fishing for livelihood and economic survival, such kind of legislation will be a welcome deterrent to the widespread pollution of internal waters in other areas of the country


,” Angara-Castillo added. (Jason de Asis)

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