KIKO-end illegal smuggler in the country and put them in jail

By Jason de Asis


SENATE OFFICE, Manila, December 17, 2010-Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan Yesterday at the Senate highlighted that the government should be at the forefront to stop illegal smuggling of agricultural products nationwide, stressing that food security is a national security that should be protected.


“The government itself should find solutions to stop illegal smuggling of agricultural products before they totally crippled the local farmers,” he said and uttered that smuggling directly affects the livelihood of the farmers as well as posing a serious threat to the health of consumers.


“Local farmer’s profits are being robbed especially when smuggled goods find their way into the markets and sell their products into a much lower price,” Kiko explained, adding that smuggled pork are sold for as low as P70 per kilo, while our own local pork is sold at P170 per kilo.


Consumers will buy in lesser amount the smuggled products even they are not assured of the quality as they pose as health hazards to them and these products have not undergone through quality control processing.


The Senator said that this is a must to end up goods smuggled and put the smugglers in jail, not just with the seizures of their goods. Kiko said that the government needs to sustain relentless efforts to stop smugglers. (Jason de Asis)