Cops denied the reported Satanic Cult’s ‘killing spree’ sparks “Reign of Terror” in Nueva Ecija

By Jason de Asis


CABANATUAN CITY, Nueva Ecija, March 8, 2011-Senior Supt. Roberto Aliggayu, PNP provincial director quickly dispelled reports of cult’s murder binge where a reign of terror has gripped villagers in this city and several towns in Nueva Ecija where allegedly satanic cult is on the loose in the province, killing children and young students supposedly used as offerings for demonic rituals saying it was a hoax intended to put the Philippine National Police in a bad light.


The Satanic jitters began to spread here after text messages circulated that its members have been making the rounds of this city and in other municipalities and killing people, mostly youngsters.


The text massages spread like wild fire that the cult was responsible for the killing of a nursing student, whose throat was allegedly slit in Barangay Kapitan Pepe Subdivision. A certain Enad reportedly perpetrated the dastardly killing.


Aliggayu said that the cult scare originated in Guimba where seven people were reported stabbed, three of whom reportedly died, by a serial killer who reportedly belonged to the cult. The text messages reached Cuyapo, Gen. Natividad and Gapan.


Aliggayu said that the existence of the serial killer and the cult and its reported killings and abductions were disinformations. He said a certain Ben Tumbling admitted circulating the terror text.


He said that the erroneous report was spread to create a negative impression that the police are not doing anything to preserve the peace and order within the province. He did not say, however, why the PNP in the province was being discredited by certain quarters. (Jason de Asis)

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