Angara urged the government for nationwide survival training

By Jason de Asis


SENATE OFFICE, Manila, March 14, 2011-In response to the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan last Friday which resulted to floods, fires, huge explosions and worldwide tsunamis, Senator Edgardo J. Angara urged the government for a nationwide information campaign and called for survival training for the citizenry on emergency measures and protocols if there were disasters and calamities to prevent.


Angara, chair of the Senate committee on Science and Technology said that Japan has the most advanced technology to safeguard their country but casualties and terrible damages could not be avoided due to the devastated killer earthquake and tsunami strikes where he compared the Philippines is nowhere near as efficient in Japan in case of disaster response, saying that we must be better equipped to face these kinds of natural disasters which we are no strangers to.


Angara said that while the country might not be able to match other countries in terms of technology and equipment, there is a need to take measures to protect the Filipinos as our most valuable resources.


Japan have created disaster proof infrastructure and acquired advanced monitoring equipment that is massive and expensive undertaking which are not economically feasible in the future but the most important is to prepare the general public for these calamities for proper training for search and rescue efforts, educate each and every individual on what to do in case of catastrophe, where to go, what numbers to call, how to establish communication with family, and a basic knowledge of first aid.


The survival training included the preparation of a survival kit, containing basic necessities like non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, batteries and a mini-radio, flashlight, candles and waterproof matches.


The Senator believes that information campaign is needed to teach the public for the survival training and should be launched at the soonest time possible for their safety. (Jason de Asis)


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