Sen. Angara calls to revive RP-Spain trade

By Jason de Asis


MADRID, Spain, November 2, 2010-Senator Edgardo J. Angara calls to revive the successful exchange between the Philippines and Spain and other Hispanic countries akin to the time of the Galeon Trade.


The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affair’s cultural branch has chosen Angara as the recipient of the 2010 Premio Casa Asia award today with monetary and trophy due to his efforts in encouraging, strengthening and understanding the relations between the two (2) countries through various programs and projects.


His exceptional dedication proclaiming June 30th as the official Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day is a part of the history as he authored Republic Act No. 1987.


He said that the foreign relations between the two (2) countries has been reawakened since it was celebrated in 2003, adding that eight (8) years later the Philippines achieved huge strides in the area of legislation, culture, education, language and sports.


Through the help of the Spanish and Mexican Embassies the Senator led the recent celebration of the Dia del Galeon, which commemorated the historic and cultural ties forged during glory days of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade.


“We should resurrect our long and fruitful ties created during the 16th century.  Back then, this association brought trade, investment, agriculture and the enrichment of culture and language. In modern times, more dynamic trade between Spain and the Philippines would mean a great deal of shared knowledge in a wide range of categories: from historical preservation to research and technology,” Angara said.


This is a part of history where the two (2) countries formed strong ties and bonds to work together despite their major differences.


He said that our common culture, religion and centuries-long history make it natural for a special affinity to exist, irrespective of changing political circumstances and I am hopeful that my stay here in Spain would bring about more efforts to facilitate this exchange of ideas. (Jason de Asis)